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Do you love the taste of roasted venison, served piping hot with grilled veggies by the side? Wouldn’t it be great if that venison came from a deer that you hunted? If you have not had an experience like this yet, then you have no idea what you are missing. Try to change the situation by visiting Texas. Deer season is going to be on in just a couple months, and unless you are held up in an emergency, you should definitely not miss it.

Deer hunting can be fun, but do prepare well beforehand

Deer hunting is considered to be quite a popular pastime in Texas. And why not, since the state has one of the highest concentrations of deer and waterfowl in the US? However, remember that you do need to have a valid Texas hunting license, before you can set out stalking game with your hunting rifle in hand. Also, if you are in the state for the first time, consider hiring a professional guide. These people know exactly how you should tackle the various problems that a first time game hunter may come across, in Texas. Deer hunting, however, may not match everyone’s idea of having fun. If you are in that group too, then don’t worry. You can still enjoy your time in Texas. Bass fishing is another activity that Texas is famous for.

Bass fishing can be highly enjoyable too

Fishing can be good fun. Simply imagine digging into grilled fillets of freshly caught bass, with your favorite brand of whiskey or wine on the side. Nothing on Earth can probably make a meal that satisfying. All you need to do in order to have that one-of-a-kind experience is to get a Texas fishing license. Once you have it, you can fish to your heart’s content. Oh, and do remember to pack really sturdy fishing rods. The huge basses often caught from the creeks and lakes in Texas are heavy enough to break flimsy fishing poles and break free from poorly made hooks.

Why wait any longer then? You know what you need to do, in order to enjoy a lovely weekend with your buddies in Texas. Bass fishing or deer hunting – whichever catches your fancy, the state is ready to help you with that. Simply get the appropriate license and set out now. The great outdoors are waiting to satiate your appetite, both for adventure and high quality grilled meat!


Are you going on a weekend vacation to Texas? Bass fishing or deer hunting are two activities you might want to indulge in, while you are there. If you need professional assistance anytime, simply get in touch with Texas Fish & Game Publishing, L.L.C.

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