Where To Go Bass Fishing in Texas

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Where To Go Bass Fishing in Texas

Article by Daniel Eggertsen

Texas is a fantastic place to go bass fishing. It offers plenty of waters with abundant largemouth, smallmouth and white bass out there for you to catch, The climate is ideal for bass fishing all year round, whether you like winter bass fishing, fall action or long, lazy days out on the lake in spring and summer.

The choice is fantastic but before you can decide where you want to spend the day bass fishing, you have to know exactly where you can go in Texas to enjoy a little bass action. The quick guide below will introduce you to the best waters and the best bass fishing action you can find in the great state of Texas!

Red Rive – This is an ideal Texas bass fishing area to visit all year round if you love to fish and refuse to take a cold weather break! There are some good sized fish and high quality bass fishing here and yet it is not too crowded. This is largely because Red River is not the first place that people think of when they want to spend a few hours by the water. The bass do go deeper in winter but the rocky areas are perfect shelter and make the task of catching them a little easier.

Lake Fork – This is the main area for bass fishing in Texas and can get very crowded as a result during the main season. Spring and fall action is most definitely the best because the bass tend to be incredibly aggressive during those periods and really bite for those that have developed good techniques. The spawning season is a firm favourite for many bass fishing enthusiasts that do not have an objection to fishing at that time. The bass are very active and react well to all sorts of baits and lures, most notably plastic worms and crankbaits. Spinnerbaits also work well in the vegetative areas!

Lake Ray Roberts – Located in the Fort Worth area, this is an underestimated lake that can give you a lot of bass action all year round as a result of the vegetation and abundant population of baitfish. The baitfish is the natural prey for the bass and thus undoubtedly makes sure that the bass population remains high. As a result, the fishing is most definitely high quality and a challenge!

The vegetative areas and rocky outcrops provide plenty of shelters for the bass in cooler weather as well as warmer temperatures so you have to outwit the bass. Many bass fishing enthusiasts love this and you might too.Falcon Reservoir – This is yet another body of water that Texan bass fishing enthusiasts do not necessarily head to but should definitely consider. It is often ignored because the water level is not particularly high but should be included for consideration as a result of the amazing levels of baitfish and so the size of the bass population as a result. The spring fishing is definitely the best action at the moment but the channels and the creek especially can provide you with good spots and a high quality experience.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on Texas bass fishing here: http://www.askbassfishing.com/

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