Washington State Bass fishing F24 Style

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Washington State Bass fishing F24 Style

Credits: Pics and sound effects found on Creative Commons and Sony Sound Forge; fonts found on dafont.com. Intro: crowd pic – Marfis 75; “we want more” audio – thanvannispen; music – Fresh Body Shop. Fonts: Pulse (Eric Mynahan); Hotel Coral Essex (Pennyzine); Fighting Spirit (Teabeer Studios). Other music: closing song – Mustapha; episode music – Anitek. F-24 video intro created by Cami & Z. Sullivan.
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23 Responses to “Washington State Bass fishing F24 Style”
  1. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    @Leothefisherman Hang in there buddy I am sure there will be a big bucketmouth in the near future for you! Thank you for the kind comments. Blessings from Team F24!

  2. Leothefisherman says:

    i love your guys high energy i wish i could say the same for me
    but it seems the bass populations are thin around my area due to a gobby invasion spread from lake Ontario up here in Canandaigua my i have ether lost my edge or the fishing is harder with a large increase of just baby bass and large bass disappearing has not allowed me to make any videos im trying hard
    and coming up empty handed i have been fishing on challenging level for 10 years now and don’t know what to do any more

  3. ewtoutdoors says:

    Nice video guys, enjoyable, couple of nice fish. Like how he has you getting your feet wet pushing out the boat. That dock did not look too trustworthy but would make a good spot for the fish to live. Take care and have a great day.

  4. kevinb1756 says:

    Another great video! Good luck to you folks this weekend

  5. Winkiedoodles says:

    Excellent, Glen and Kami. That was a beauty, perhaps on a bed spawning? What’s a spiney ray? Do you happen to have a water shortage right now; if you do we pilgrims here in SW MO have just a “touch” of excess you can have.

  6. asvattabackstage says:

    Awesome!! We are always enjoy your videos..Thanks for sharing!! m/-.-m/

  7. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    Thank you, friends, for the great comments! Gnomehaters63, Long Lake in Kitsap County is located in Port Orchard. The lake is open year round and has a nice population of Spiny Rays and gets planted with Trout, too. Try it sometime if you get the chance.

  8. gnomehater63 says:

    ummm long lake is in thurston county if were thinking of the same lake. great video though.

  9. sfcsinc says:


  10. MrGetthenet says:

    You two crack me up … luv it guys. Keep rocking and thigh lines!!!

  11. lelodude says:

    niiiiiiiiiiice AHAHAHAHA
    kiss my bass ! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. haneyphysiotherapy says:

    Nice one guys! God Bless and blessed Easter.

  13. ifvtry2525 says:

    good fishing trip.

  14. Bass2Billfish says:

    That was a big bass! happy easter!

  15. HawgNSonsTV2 says:

    Just an awesome video!

  16. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    Thanks, friends, for the encouraging comments! F24 is a shortened version of my Gamefishin member name: Fishn2gthr4ever. That name is long and hard to remember, so one of the other members coined us as “Team F24” and it stuck!

  17. americups says:


  18. iFishVideos says:

    Looked like a fun day!

  19. Roosevelt7x7 says:

    Nice feeesh! That was a hog.

  20. videobreakthru says:

    HHHHHHHOE! that was a suprise ! didnt expect the fish to be so big!~ not sure what f24 is but boy, it makes fish look REALLY BIG!

  21. derleineangler says:

    what a cool couple !
    happy easter to ya….

  22. 67mustangreg says:

    what!? that bass was a nice size for WA. awesome.

  23. fishchan69 says:

    @ 0:01

    I lol’d hard.

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