Top Ten Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures

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My top ten lures for largemouth bass fishing. The colors aren’t exact.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Visit our site at My partner Liz and I catching some big bass in the second half of July. Worm fishing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to “Top Ten Largemouth Bass Fishing Lures”
  1. dammitang says:

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  2. datguy414 says:

    i would use crankbaits 1st but then when it gets hard i use the banjos

  3. 1reelman2 says:

    Check out the Rude Frog by Tuscaroran Pro Lures and Thunder Sticks:

  4. blu3synth says:

    you lost all my respect when you put banjo minnows over spros

  5. theBassmastrr98 says:

    @TheFishingAddiction banjo minnow was my first bass fishing lure n i caught my first bass second cast i used to like em but its $20 and they only give you about 5 hooks….somthin like that and like 40 minnows and after 4 years im left with no hooks and a bunch a minnows…overal I think if they would just sell them individually for like $3 plus a hook mor people would buy em and not be so quick to judge

  6. ECKOAREA51 says:

    wheres the senko and the lizard? 

  7. christenis98 says:


  8. allaroundhunter011 says:

    i like the zoom super fluke i catch three or four bass a day with that lure and kicks ass.

  9. ambroulard says:

    You guys are all Luddites— type in Keitech on utube and you will witness the perfect majesty of bass catching amazingness—-

  10. bassinbillRC5300 says:

    @Berkshire119 For the last ten years I have used the trick worm with great success either with a weightless carolina rig or on a shaky head jig set up. Great lure and so many good colors to choose from.

  11. Guitarazn28 says:

    @TheFishingAddiction the ones who say they dont work are the ones who have noidea how to fish them

  12. Calibassfishin says:

    @TheFishingAddiction alright i already subbed yesterday

  13. TheFishingAddiction says:

    @Calibassfishin Dont worry, I am preparing my hat cam for the upcoming spring, summer, and fall months and you will be able to see most of my baits in action. Subsribe so you can see them when they first premiere.

  14. Calibassfishin says:

    cab u make a vid of you fishing the banjo minnow cause i have never caught a fish on them. thanks.

  15. TheFishingAddiction says:

    I will be making vids of my fishing trips with a hat camera soon!

  16. Berkshire119 says:

    I have used it and never caught a thing on it but maybe I’m not working it right or something . I have much better luck on trick worms and flukes.

  17. Berkshire119 says:

    I have used it and never caught a thing on it but maybe I’m not working it right or something . I have much better luck on trick worms and flukes.

  18. Berkshire119 says:

    I have used it and never caught a thing on it but maybe I’m not working it right or something . I have much better luck on trick worms and flukes.

  19. TheFishingAddiction says:

    @Berkshire119 Question, have you used it, or are you like everyone else that watches the other videos that say how bad it is and then feels they can just say it. Please reply because it seems like all the people hate it because only one person has actually used it and posted a video on how bad it is. It is a GREAT utility bait allowing you to fish top water, deep, shallow, almost anything! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this bait other than it be almost cheating due to its insane utility

  20. Berkshire119 says:

    Seriously the banjo minnow is a joke

  21. TheFishingAddiction says:

    @woe2328 Have you even used the Banjo Minnow? If you haven’t, you have no idea what it can do. You can wacky rig it, fish it topwater, fish like a texas rigged worm, etc. This bait is a bait that can do almost anything you want it to. Please try the lure out (it could take a while to master took me almost 2months!) before you post comments on my page. Thank you.

  22. woe2328 says:

    What!!!! no Senkos no manns Minus-1 no strike king rocket shad get out of here!!! I”ll put any one against your Banjo and win everytime.

  23. 77derra says:

    @TheFishingAddiction there are plenty of videos on youtube about the trick worm, but my favorite you’ll find it here, (i cant use a link cause i’m using my phone) just search for “the basic techniques for bass fishing” by “havefunfishing”. Let me know what you think about it.

  24. TheFishingAddiction says:

    @77derra I have never tried the zoom trick worm. I usually don’t use zoom because im not a big fan of salt (one cast most of it gone). But do u have a vid of u/someone using it? send me the link and that would be much appreciated :).

  25. 77derra says:

    What?????  you didn’t include zoom’s trick worm??

    You gotta be kidding, it should be #1

  26. NorthernFisher092909 says:

    awsome catch! is that a 10” berkley powerbait??

  27. fisherman12T says:

    were u just fishing flats or humps and points?

  28. blazedbl says:

    That girl is pretty hot.

  29. mowerman1914 says:

    Now thats what I am talking about!!! Same way I fish and it is the most successful way of doing that with a worm!!! Great Catch looks like fun!!!! :-)

  30. jiggamann63 says:

    I caught 16in. In my grandmothers pond in the back of her house, she owns 93 acres of land so we hunt and fish there all the time……..

  31. lwbbama says:

    Check out

  32. ARMAGEDON22ify says:

    I caught a red eye bass withe a curl tail grub in green brier national park.

  33. jonathonshort33 says:

    Biggest I ever caught was a 18 or 20 inch large mouth

  34. rickysrejects says:

    moma caught a big bass our dog duke bit him and got a sore throat

  35. Unplugged704 says:

    really nice catches!! 

  36. xAlmightyPushx says:

    Thank u very much for releasing the fish!:)

  37. lxlJOLTlxl says:

    i tired the 12 inch worms and all i got was a 15 inch pickrel lol

  38. bassguy15 says:

    a good way to tell how heavy your bass is, if you dont have a scale, is you get the length and girth with a flexible meauring tape, and multiply length*length*girth devided by 1200. for instance, 18.5*18.5*12= 3.( something, sorry forgot exactly.) 😀

  39. brandon6133 says:

    Nice largemouth.

  40. sabejam11 says:

    I once caught a 16 inch largemouth bass with a piece of sausage. Not kidding.

  41. gabeisintheHOUSE says:

    This is awesome

  42. michaelglasgow73 says:

    what lake r yall at i live in ga and would to fish it email me michaelglasgow73 at yahoo.come iam a catch and release fisherman too

  43. loman1720 says:

    great fish mate!! wall hangers!

  44. ThePhantom7892 says:

    I hate fishing in Indiana…the biggest that I have caught is an 8.8 but no magical 10. I guess I am going to have to go South :/

  45. 36fingerboarder36 says:

    NICE, ive been fish cense i was a baby and that was only 11 years ago and ive only caught a 7/5 lbs 😛

  46. spiderman35k says:

    he switch the rods haha

  47. BassinBuddiesFL says:

    can i marry that girl

  48. SuperTwinkie59 says:

    wow. not a small one all day

  49. SuperTwinkie59 says:

    nice. u rarely ever catch a real chunk at first.

  50. cb7pwn says:

    i dont know about all you other anglers out there, but this year has been pretty shit for fishing

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