Tips on Spring time bass fishing (Water movment and Temperature)

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Tips on Spring time bass fishing (Water movment and Temperature)

Tips on spring fishing Lets talk about spring time bass fishing. Specifically water movement that will help you locate and catch more bass in the spring. Im talking about lakes that have a fair amount of very shallow water. With a couple sunny days this shallow water can super heat. This water can quickly reach the low to mid 60 degree range . Now that is the time I pay attention to the wind direction. This wind can blow this super heated water into places the bass will be attracted to like bays, pockets and ditches. The wind tends to move the warmest part of the water column, the surface. So when I go fishing, I fish the area that has been down wind of this shallow flat. The area the warm water has accumulated does not need to be very big to hold good numbers of bass. I look for brush on the edge of the bays, pockets and ditches. This is a very big key for spring time fishing on my home lake. This will work on lakes with some shallow water not just acres and acres of foot deep water. If you do not have lots of shallow water look for protected water that will warm and the wind will not move that warm water away. Just be aware the bass may be sitting in cover near the surface of the water because that is the warmest water in the lake.

spring fishing tips for south Florida


26 Responses to “Tips on Spring time bass fishing (Water movment and Temperature)”
  1. exbassguide says:


  2. exbassguide says:

    Go fishing at first light!!!!! The bass feed alot at first light. Other times they are just hold up. They will hit a lure when they are under a log or in the pads but its a good thing to be at the lake when the bass are looking to feed!. Dress in browns and greens and do not make a bunch of noise.

  3. GAROmx says:

    what is the most important thing to do while bank fishing for Largemouth bass?
    for those of us that don’t own a boat .

  4. exbassguide says:

    @droopyscooby tube jigs, senkos and a jig and craw worm.

  5. droopyscooby says:

    Roger im going fishin saterday on a big laje what should i use

  6. exbassguide says:

    @kissmybass1989 You could do a few things that could help.
    1. Fish slower
    2. Fish natural lure colors like browns ang greens.
    3. Fish thicker cover or harder to reach spots
    4. use bigger baits.


  7. kissmybass1989 says:

    ok man one more question! i fish a little tournament here in oklahoma and all i seem to catch is 1 to 2 lbs bass while the other guys are catchin 3 to 4 lbs bass what is some tips for me so i can get on bigger bass

  8. kissmybass1989 says:

    ok man one more question! i fish a little tournament here in oklahoma and all i seem to catch is 1 to 2 lbs bass while the other guys are catchin 3 to 4 lbs bass what is some tips for me so i can get on bigger bass

  9. cvang234 says:

    @exbassguide Roger are you on facebook? I’d like to add you for anything bass related that comes through your news feeds.

  10. FOSICKLIKEWHA1 says:

    nice shirt!

  11. CNeith84420 says:

    Cold water = slow moving lure fished deep to shallow… plastics, suspending stick baits, spinners

  12. kissmybass1989 says:

    thanks man i appreciate it

  13. exbassguide says:

    I do not know your water. But I would fish VERY early in the day in the summer. I am on the water as it is just getting light. Just remember safety first!

  14. kissmybass1989 says:

    hey bud! i fish a watershed in oklahoma but i have a problem! i seem to only catch fish in this in the spring when the water warms up abit! then when it gets hot i catch nothing! nothing in the cold weather either i have tried many different lures and approaches what am i doing wrong and what should i do!

  15. 37elliott says:

    Thanks man!

  16. lovesfishing1 says:

    Is it ok to bass fish in the winter and janaury

  17. exbassguide says:

    @jdau454 try top water early (for fun). then use senkos also fish under the diving board the bass will like the shade!

  18. jdau454 says:

    what would you recommend for fishing a small farm pond that has little to no cover with a mostly sandy bottom that has natural springs deep in the middle of the pond? my neighbors pond has this and the only cover in it is 4 metal poles holding up a diving board..i have fished these poles with a small rooster tail spinner and nailed a big bass a couple years ago, but havent produced much since…any advice?

  19. TheDALE187 says:

    @43405555 with a texas rig, you just kinda jig it and drag it on the bottom depending on cover. if you have lots of weed then jig it but if you have mostly sand drag it

  20. 43405555 says:

    if its windy, should i fish with the windy part? or the calm part? and during this spring time, warm water does attract bass right?

  21. 43405555 says:

    With the Texas rig, do you just jig it from the bottom slowly? and right now its April and where should i cast the rig to catch big bass, and what should i look for? and what is the best time of day during sunny days and rainy days.

  22. PadrinosDchicago says:

    berkley live minnows…..they lovem

  23. exbassguide says:

    @Keeeeeeeeb Try a senko or a jig out a little deeper early and move shallow as the day warms up.

  24. Keeeeeeeeb says:

    Im fishing in a tournment next friday and wondering what i should use. I have areas going from 2-14 feet deep. There are alot of logs hidden under the water near the shoreline as well as out more. Looks like I will be seeing alot of warm weather out in illinois coming off a cold winter. What would you think would be the best for me to use?

  25. faintfuzzies says:

    I always have a tuff time fishing in early spring. I fish a small shalow pond, but there are alot of bass there.. what should i be using at a shallow pond, fishing from shore?

  26. Therundown1220 says:

    Great tips dude all though iv never been into fishing

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