The Best Peacock Bass Fishing Trips In Panama

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The Best Peacock Bass Fishing Trips In Panama

Article by Lori Snow

People who are seriously into sport fishing know that catching an aggressive, predatory fish like the Peacock Bass is an exciting and challenging experience. This gamefish is the most dominant species in the freshwaters surrounding Panama, which has made this region of Central America a hotspot for Peacock Bass fishing. There are many all-inclusive Panama fishing trips that are available for a truly exhilarating and memorable bass fishing excursion that is suitable for the whole family.

Avid sport fishermen have been traveling to Panama and Central America since the late 1980’s to target this type of game. The history of Peacock Bass in Panama is interesting because they arrived in the rivers and lakes of this region by accident. They were first introduced when an aquarist starting breeding and raising them for sale as aquarium fish. At this time, they were kept in a small pond. Heavy rains flooded the pond and the runoff drained into the Gatun Lake. Soon, the lake was overrun with these species of fish. Peacock Bass fishing was introduced to this area because of the opportunity that this abundance of fish created.Gatun Lake remains one of the top destinations for Peacock Bass fishing. There are day-long bass fishing trips available that include transportation, bait, lunch, beer, and other refreshments. The Peacock Bass here range in size from one to ten pounds. Often times, fishermen can catch up to 100 fish per day. This is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone – novice or veteran.The Peacock Bass is known for its explosive strike that makes fishing for them so exciting. They are considered one of the world’s greatest freshwater fish because of their strength and beauty. Peacock Bass fishing is a challenge because of the power of the fish, but catching even one of these species is a rewarding and satisfying encounter.Traveling to international waters in foreign countries is a great way to take sport fishing to another level. Because species of fish are concentrated in certain waters, there are only so many chances to try to catch new fish all the time. Booking Panama fishing trips are a surefire way to become exposed to new species and opportunities, including the Peacock Bass.When choosing a trip for Peacock Bass fishing, it is important to pick a package that is a member of the Peacock Bass Fishing Association. This organization promotes responsible game fishing practices. Check to make sure the vacation package you choose takes this into consideration for the safest and most effective fishing trip possible.The Peacock Bass fishing trips in Panama are among the best in the world. This species of fish is so plentiful in the waters in this region that people have been traveling to Panama for decades for sport fishing. Panama fishing trips are full of new adventures in beautiful surroundings that the whole family can enjoy. They provide a multitude of memories and experiences for everyone involved that are sure to last a lifetime.

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