Targeting Pelagic Summer Bass With In-Fisherman Magazine Contributor Brett Richardson

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Featured Video On You Tube! In-Fisherman Magazine Contributor, Brett Richardson demonstrates targeting AD group Pelagic Mid-Summer bass locating at various depths throughout the water column.

Another video by Markos Vidalis that shows a traditional way of sea bass fishing in Greece. Markos is an article writer in the most well known fishing magazine in Greece “Psarema”. Enjoy and dont forget to vote.
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50 Responses to “Targeting Pelagic Summer Bass With In-Fisherman Magazine Contributor Brett Richardson”
  1. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    @buggyblah – Yes! The A – Group Fish are the most active for longer periods of time and are relating closer to off-shore bottom structures. The B- Group fish are suspending higher, and around structure. These are suspending fish that usually are on bait for shorter bite windows, The ” C ‘ Group fish are the fish locating higher in the water column, usually on Bluegill schools, or other types of forage that inhabit the particular waters you target….

  2. buggyblah says:

    @brettrtrophyhunter okay, cuz I’m trying a lake in Virginia called Burke lake, and I have a swim’n jig with a swimbait on the bottom and a worm tied above it, so an A group fish would be hiding in the stumps at the bottom of the lake, and B would be above the stumps about?

  3. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    @buggyblah Good question! A- D grouped fish are segmented by location throughout the water column within seasons within season. A Group Fish would be your most active and locating closer to bottom structural elements while B-Group bass are higher and away from the same structures. C- Group are center column fish and D-Groups are High Riders. Once you learn to target each group with precise presentations for each, your consistency on trophy bass will become the norm.

  4. buggyblah says:

    possibly stupid question, what do you mean by a-d group fish? is it where they’re suspending? and any tips on fishing heavily pressured lakes and reservoirs?

  5. standupbaits says:

    great summer bassin

  6. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    @danpenksa – Dan, the Utah State Record [ Recorded ] from Lake Powell – 10lbs. 4 oz.

  7. NJFisherman100 says:

    @brettrtrophyhunter cool thanks

  8. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    @NJFisherman100 Everything from swimbaits to Swim Jig combos.

  9. dbzgt545 says:

    ALL I CAN SAY IS wow wow wow wow =0)….. drueling here man. MONSTER MAN .

  10. kellystaffordlynx says:

    they’re very beautiful fish..i luv their cute white bellies LOL

  11. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    @kellystaffordlynx – These Giant Bass are all Females.

  12. kellystaffordlynx says:

    @kellystaffordlynx LOL i just knew she how can u tell if a fish is a “she” and not a “he”?? i’m just a city grl,i don’t know these things!! O.o

  13. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    Yes She Did! Incredible Display of Power.

  14. kellystaffordlynx says:

    that’s a big it must hav put up a great fight!!lol

  15. RodsInTheDirt says:

    hey its me jay van dam .thanks for checking in with rods in the dirt .for some reason i think u asked to subscribe and be a friend but it didnt register on my site.please check back in. i would really appreciate it. ur video is awesome and in fisherman is the bible of fishing.havent missed a issue for yearsthanks and really look forward to hearing back from u. jay van dam

  16. brettrtrophyhunter says:

    @thesimonsaysshow – Thanks man – There are 58 more on the channel of Big Northern Strain Bass boated in a wide array of conditions!

  17. thesimonsaysshow says:

    That is a beautiful Fish..thank you for posting this video:)

  18. NJFisherman100 says:

    hey what bait do you use for those monsters!?!?:

  19. ingridgot says:

    wow that as a big cash beautifull fish as a matter of fact the best recipes belong to fishermen why not sharing with us hhahaah well I fish of course but the best recipes I know the fisherman have it thumb ho said we women can not fish thumb up


    that is one lunker fish and thanks for becoming my friend

  21. KKalaPoika says:

    hey!! nice fish you have there!:D what kind of lures you get those monsters??? I have to know

  22. EGOTTLIEB12 says:

    NICE BASS man, thats deff. trophy

  23. dseguin3 says:

    just WOW

  24. shiteetah says:

    *bowing down* You sir, know your shit

  25. youngfishingboy3333 says:

    hey i need tips

  26. che9432 says:

    marko den exo file facebook den ta goustara pote logo pou exei kai i koutsi maria an exeis msn boro na sou steilo to mail na me kaneis add ektos kai an anoixo facebook

  27. powerplay8 says:

    @che9432 ela gi aarxh facebook kai vlepoume meta… an den exeis dteile edw p.m.

  28. che9432 says:

    marko yparxei tropos na ta ta poume eite meso thlefonou eite meso tou internet ? an theleis fysika eyxaristo

  29. che9432 says:

    @che9432 ok eyxaristo file

  30. powerplay8 says:

    @che9432 se tetoies periptwseis file moy epilegoume xrvmata anoixtou xrvmatos opws aspra kai kitrina afoy sta thola nera travane netona thn prosoxh. omvs de doulevoun apotelesmatika sta kathara nera.

  31. che9432 says:

    file marko psareyo se ena limani arketa megalo apenanti exei paralia kai dipla exei ekvoli apo ryaki to limani to vradi fotizete exei kolones exei polla layrakia nyxta kai mera loutsous gemato to vradi kalamaria kai polu sardela bainei mesamolis skotiniasei molis kanei th proti vroxi to xeimona mazeyte oloi i savoura mesa kai ta nera olo to xeimona einai thola tha hthela na mou peis th texnito tha mou proteines na paro gia layrakia logo ton tholon neron? soru pou se zalisa se eyxaristo

  32. powerplay8 says:

    @kevin46795 file mou o logos einai aplos… analoga thn perioxh ta psaria kai idiaitera ta lavrakia trwne se teleios diaforetika texnita, opote an proteinw kapoio tha eimai epipolaios… :)

  33. kevin46795 says:

    file markos pesmou ena texnito gia layrakia exei polla edo pou psaryo kai den boro na piaso xero oti einai dyskolo na peis gia kapoio logo alla pesmou re file se eyxaristo

  34. powerplay8 says:

    @TheVidalis Ναι φίλε… Μάρκος Βιδάλης 100% Τήνος! 😀

  35. TheVidalis says:

    Καλη ψαρια φιλε , απο τηνο εισαι ;

  36. powerplay8 says:

    syntoma tha anevasw ena.,..

  37. 4Paok4Eptalofos says:

    @powerplay8 file mou mporeis na kaneis ena videaki gia to pws dolonoume tin soupia sto poluagistro?gia tin sardela kserw .euxaristw :)

  38. powerplay8 says:

    Killer instict (theme)

  39. vasilisosfp7 says:

    pos legetai auto to tragoudi ?

  40. tanerali123 says:

    @powerplay8 Thank you for the quick reply. Anyway i will give it a try in May in Northern Greece. Best wishes and more fish :)

  41. powerplay8 says:

    @tanerali123 mostly after octomber friend

  42. tanerali123 says:

    Great fishing guys!
    What time of the year did that event take place?

  43. powerplay8 says:

    nai polyagkistro kai nai to feggari kai h palliria paizoun shmantiko rolo analoga thn periohi!!!

  44. clowdrain says:

    bravo filarako kala psaria
    den mou les kitas to fegari prin psarueis h den peze rolo?
    poli agistro ebales?

  45. powerplay8 says:

    hahaha… oxi file moy… lavrakia einai…

  46. jimpaokara says:

    @powerplay8 file sygxarhthria!!
    na se rwthsw kati?
    kefalopoula einai ayta?
    kai me ti tropo psareyeis?

  47. ogeid79 says:

    My compliments, the Greece is best fishing spot!

    Please, visit my youtube account!

  48. powerplay8 says:

    thanks friend… well i use small sardines mostly that works fine, and yes when im fishing in areas that this small octopus lives, i also use it as a bait…

  49. powerplay8 says:

    oxi file moy… mono otan exei reymata vazw…

  50. noxkord says:

    Congratulations Markos, really good fishing. What is the bait exactly, calamari or octopus?

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