Summer Bass Fishing

January 18, 2012 by  
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With the post-spawn bite making things tough and with recent is starting to improve more and more…our recent averages of getting skunked are now getting back to original numbers but its still tough but that aint stoping us. We’re throwing everything from reaction innovation beavers, senkos texas rigges brush hogs, and super hogs, and jigs.!! were throwing everything..hopefully our averages of 1-2 between me and nick will increase soon…but again getting fish is better than getting skunked.! More videos coming soon.REMEBER TO COMMENT,RATE5*****,AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

i already have summer bass fishing tips but it had a big black thing in the dorner so this is the remake
Video Rating: 3 / 5


50 Responses to “Summer Bass Fishing”
  1. drummermwoodie says:

    Good fish, but you really should try and release your fish a little faster. When a bass is kept out of the water for more than a 45 seconds they may swim away but often times will die one to two days late and be a little bit more gentle with the fish when putting them back in the water…their lungs organs bust fairly easy. But overall good video just be a better fisherman and set the hook instead of the fish setting the hook.

  2. bayfisher3284 says:

    were are y’all

  3. Poisondartfart says:

    First off your fishing your going to get wet release the fish right way. The guy asked why are they getting hooked down in the throat is because they are not setting the hook the fish is setting them self’s. Please go on a site a read this just look awful.

  4. jakeplayer23 says:

    ur cameraman is hilarious

  5. Jaygay13 says:

    @bluegillmaniac657 lol i would have no prob holding your fat ass under did you knw that fat floats so you probly would bot bouey ahaha im if im such a pusssy at least i am waht i eat jackass

  6. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    okay bitch..its not like that fish died..I can see ur point and concern for it and understand that but u dont have to be a fucking prick..Plus i liked to see u try and hold me underwater for 3 minutes…little pussy

  7. Jaygay13 says:

    dude your an ass wholle you kept that fish out of water for a while hb i hold you under water for about 3 mins i bet you wouldnt like it huh poopdick?

  8. TBCyakAlan says:

    Ahh, ok, thanks for explaining, keep up the good job.

  9. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @TBCyakAlan well it loks fairly deep…because it decreses over time and ive pulled bass in less than 5 inches over water b4 and they’re usuaully big or decent sized ones, as long as u look in the right places

  10. TBCyakAlan says:

    @bluegillmaniac657 That looks fairly deep, i doubt it would get down to 5 inches of water…

  11. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @TBCyakAlan okay it the middle of summer…this creek gets drained out…u wanna live in 5 inches of water???
    tyea very oxiginated…i rather live in a main lake that has deeper water and more cover

  12. TBCyakAlan says:

    Why on earth did you take the fish back to the main lake? He went up the creek to get into cooler more oxygenated water..

  13. tird108 says:

    ur freind with the camera has a very annoying voice nice bass keep up the wok

  14. RGutz81 says:

    nice jig bite, lol. thats what i luv bout bass theyll eat n e thing. They have bigger appetites than their own mouth some times. kick sum bass!!! what kind of camera u guys using?

  15. tj13able says:

    if it ur rod y dont u fish with it or do u suck at fishing

  16. tj13able says:

    no one cares if its ur rod

  17. FishingwithKT says:

    @MayhemMaker1500 Boilies on a hair rig.. with a method feeder.

  18. Rolltidebass says:

    That 2 1/2 pounder was a rare stub nose largemouth

  19. flatblack300zx says:

    and subscribed :)

  20. flatblack300zx says:

    great video but rated 3 stars because one of the bass u almost threw on a rock but other than that bad as video and im shure u didnt mean to do that keep them videos coming u know what ill give it 4 stars lol

  21. bluegillmaniac657 says:

    @fishermansfunplace hahaha…im sorry my voice annoys u lol…and yea i do have fun XD

  22. fishermansfunplace says:

    god! this dude’s voice annoy’s me haha. but he makes good videos and knows what he’s doing and it seems liike he has fun though:D

  23. Mr1235Ronaldo says:

    great vid keep filming

  24. FreshwaterAngling says:

    What reel?

  25. thebigbassboy says:

    sweet vid

  26. Jaygay13 says:

    @TheBassTimes because your black :/

  27. Jaygay13 says:

    @TheBassTimes all that gear is probly stolen 😀

  28. Bassfisherkid14 says:

    @jdubbestackn ummmm…that sentance doesnt make sense….

  29. ThePumkinface12 says:

    good videos try not to comment so much on idiots post as to the fact that they just hateing keep it up bro enjoyed it

  30. disco2dirt says:

    Great vid do u recumend blue back crake baits

  31. BowandBass97 says:

    @hmongranger wow u r a fag

  32. 062681fish says:

    did u just say “is it black”? whys it gotta be black ???

  33. 062681fish says:

    bajo minnows are gaaaaaay. throw that shit in the motha fuck n trash homie g

  34. 062681fish says:

    weak ass lures.great video tho dawg

  35. Jaygay13 says:

    @TheBassTimes lol its a joke casue normaly black ppl steal shit duh but i have nothing against you

  36. TheBassTimes says:

    @Jaygay13 WTF why would it be stolen?…Ever heard of saving money and not loosing baits?

  37. Jaygay13 says:

    all that gear is probly stolen :/

  38. LeGitzZReMiiX says:

    Nice vid I use a lot of these techniques.. Caught a 7.5 lb bass on the wacky style senko on a 90 degree day at 1:30…they do feed on hot days and mid day u jus have to use the right stuff

  39. TheBassTimes says:

    @jdubbestackn Thanks man, but if u wanna get to were im at. its gonna take time and u gotta be dedicated

  40. jdubbestackn says:

    ok u made enogh vids about now me and my friends r goin 2 start makein vids so i like all your vids and u probloly r goin 2 see this name alot

  41. BowandBass97 says:

    Nice videos wooooooooooooooo

  42. TheBassTimes says:

    @VorpalShadow UMMMM u must not kno much about bass fishing or ways to use lures, there is a technique where guys carolina rig a jerk bait for suspending bass. go look it up. & before u call me an idiot spell the word right.

  43. VorpalShadow says:

    UMMMM just is it just me or did this idot say to put a jerk bait on a carolina rig? A carolina rig is made for working bottom techniques and a jerk bait is a shallow to top water technique. just sayin

  44. tyte90 says:

    Cool vid.

  45. anglermatt says:

    @punkboy198 dont listen to these guys who replied they are telling you wrong…a spinning reel is better with lighter lures and weights and thats what its ment for and baitcasters are better with heavier baits and lures

  46. hmongranger says:


  47. gpulis says:

    I used to have a baby bass trap just like that. My first lesson in checking the bait before each cast. Lost it in the mouth of a largemout in Florida. Miss it much.

  48. Gutcheck789 says:

    laughed the whole time, but good video, helped alot.

  49. Outdoorsguy1212 says:

    @punkboy198 bait cast reels make the line go strait and makes in more accurate…

  50. HATINTHEKAT says:

    hey wat kinda minnow was that? the chartreuce one that u were jerk jerk jerking? they looked rly good,

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