Striped Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

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Striped Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

Article by Chelsea Aubin

Almost everyone likes to go on fishing trips, whether you do it just for fun, or for sport is entirely up to you. Many people fish for leisure, but also let it become a little bit more competitive around family and friends. Here is some advice about striped bass fishing, and to offer some tips that you might not have known, but can help you excel on the family fishing trip.

If you are planning on going on a trip for striped bass, take this striped bass fishing tip with you; there are some things that you should carry with you when you go, and we’re not talking tampons or toothbrushes. You should carry a fishing rod that is at least twelve to eighteen feet in length according to the circumstances of your striped bass fishing trip.

Your rod should also have at least two hundred to three hundred feet of fishing line. You want to make sure that your rod and reel can support the fish that you catch, you don’t want to be drug into the water. The best place to go striped bass fishing is in the quietest place you can find at full neap tide.

Striped bass are members of the temperate bass family, which includes white perch and white bass species. Striped bass breed in freshwater and spend their lives in saltwater. However, they like to be in a quiet environment so that they are not disturbed. The four major bodies of water that you can find striped bass in are:

1) Chesapeake Bay2) Massachusetts Bay3) Hudson River4) Delaware River

Stripped bass can be caught by a number of baits and this striped bass fishing tip should help you to decipher which type of bait to bring with you on your trip. Bass like these following foods: clams, eels, anchovies, bloodworms, night crawlers, chicken livers, and sand worms.

The best time to fish for stripped bass is during the winter or spring. In the winter the stay in their haunts in shallow water. In the spring, you can find stripped bass in the rivers to freshwater and spawn until late fall when they then seek shelter.

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