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Brought to you by: http http Editors Notes: We threw all of them back because it was 2 weeks before the season to be able to keep them. Pretty sad because we had enough to feed a college football team but it’s better than going back without having caught something. Our original intention for this particular trip was one last shot at the Cobia. Instead, we caught all the Sea Bass in the ocean on a wreck site and a few hungry black tip sharks! Video Featuring: Stuart M. Edwards/ Captain & Camo4x4s Owner Brooks Cleaton/ Camo4x4s Pro Staff Member Brody Heath/ Camo4x4s Pro Staff Member John Bass/ First Mate Bryan M. Liles/ Videographer Video Edited By: Heli Awesome – Music By Copyright Free Spaced & Stay / Can be found at
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Watch this short video and we’ll show you exactly what we were fishing with, and how we were fishing it to catch those huge saltwater black sea bass. Filmed in Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, MA. Filmed in HD. http


50 Responses to “Sea Bass Fishing”
  1. jalfrezi365 says:

    Blocked me have you little girl!

  2. FDBsportsmen says:

    man looks like so much fun! We just sold our 35 foot donzi because we didnt get to use it that much, i highl regret it though now, wish i had better fishing here in fernandina beach, florida inshores good but offshores not so great

  3. nickmaster9696 says:

    its not that hard to put a hook and a fish in your mouth

  4. quantumfishing101 says:

    what bait is that

  5. quantumfishing101 says:

    @nickmaster9696 you are just jealos cuz u couldnt do it

  6. nickmaster9696 says:

    putting fish and other stuff in your mouth does not make you cool…

  7. kittykatkevin says:

    that’s a cannonball jelly. there’s alot of them down her in charleston

  8. fireworksman1919 says:

    @Camo4x4s we catch these in Ct

  9. gbh559 says:

    “I don’t really want to leave” Seriously I see something different each time I watch this. If you weren’t so far away, I love to come ride along for a day. Keep it Coming!!!

  10. MegaCamshaft says:

    @Camo4x4s im in west texas

  11. Camo4x4s says:

    @gbh559 Thank you, they will only get better! I promise…

  12. Camo4x4s says:

    @MegaCamshaft where are you from?

  13. gbh559 says:

    Another great video!!! Keep up the great work Stuart!!!!

  14. Camo4x4s says:

    @MegaCamshaft Even if you did pay, We wouldn’t except it.

  15. Camo4x4s says:

    @rekjavicxxx it’s a work in progress! Thank You… you are right about that my friend!

  16. MegaCamshaft says:

    im jelious,,,,,,,i wanna go,,,ill pay?

  17. MegaCamshaft says:

    im jelious,,,,,,,i wanna go

  18. rekjavicxxx says:

    Really really amazing job on the vid bro! You never cease to amaze me! Lotta work indeed :)

  19. Camo4x4s says:

    @FishHuntCook that’s a good question… pretty sure we don’t have bone fish in our waters?

  20. Camo4x4s says:

    @wgilbert214 I don’t know, good question… I’ll see if I can figure it out!

  21. FishHuntCook says:

    at 4:54 was that a bonefish?

  22. wgilbert214 says:

    those jelly fish sting ? been seeing em alot lately around pine knoll shores and my uncle says they won’t sting you lol

  23. Camo4x4s says:

    @extraincome Thanks, glad you liked it…  :)

  24. Camo4x4s says:

    @perryoutdoors Thank you sir, I’m going to make our 200th video unforgettable…

  25. perryoutdoors says:

    Awesome video. Nice work.

  26. thundermistlures says:

    @ihatebobsaget1989 Thanks for writing in and you’ll be happy to know that all our videos are now in HD, and have been for a couple years now – so be sure to check out our newer videos. (This one is over 3 years old)

    Until next time, good luck bad good fishing!

  27. ihatebobsaget1989 says:

    if it was filmed in hd you could have uploaded it in hd for better quality too. 

  28. conswan57 says:

    @spookycheese123 Its a super salt lure

  29. thundermistlures says:

    @StrictlyChargers WOW – that’s exciting…would have loved to have seen the photo – that’s a monster fish – congrats and thanks for sharing!

  30. StrictlyChargers says:

    I caught a 40 pounder last week but had to let it go. I used a live Lizard fish I had caught minutes before.

  31. thundermistlures says:

    @bassinmass0 Nice catch! Good luck on the water!

  32. bassinmass0 says:

    i was there just a few days ago and cought a huge one alone with some nice 20 incher flukes

  33. thundermistlures says:

    @MrPokemonfan231 WOW – thanks for sharing your story with us - it just goes to show you that so long as you have a good drag system and you know how to fight a fish, it is very possible to land much bigger fish on lighter line.

    Thanks again for sharing and good luck on the water!

  34. MrPokemonfan231 says:

    i caught a 34 pound catfish on a 25 lb test and a 54 pounder bass they are so big it took me 30 minutes to get it on land what a fight!

  35. thundermistlures says:

    @MrNIRVANA100 You sure will! Good luck!

  36. MrNIRVANA100 says:

    Im eleven, very intersted in fishing. This channel helps me get better, so when I go out fishing with my dad, I’ll do good!

  37. thundermistlures says:

    @dominickkoontz Glad you enjoyed the video and thasnk for taking time to write to us!

  38. TheSuperiorboy says:

    @funnymexicans11 that would be a calico bass black sea bass grow up to 25 pounds

  39. dominickkoontz says:

    heck, the biggest one i caught was like 5 in…now im jealous

  40. thundermistlures says:

    @funnymexicans11 Nice catch!

  41. funnymexicans11 says:

    My Dad caught a 109 LB black sea bass on a 25 lb test GREAT isnt it? it was out of san diego and in mexican waters.

  42. thundermistlures says:

    @illusionistpg13 Actually, the mustache is still there – i just trim it right down every so often :)

    Thanks for taking time to write and for tuning in to our videos – until next time, good luck and good fishing.

  43. illusionistpg13 says:

    Oh my goodness ivo! No mustache! What happened way back then

  44. thundermistlures says:

    @NCAAaddict Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for tuning in. You can tip your buck tails with squid, as that is very effective, but here, Ivo was just suing the buck tails as is.

    Thanks for writing in and good luck on the water!

  45. NCAAaddict says:

    Those are beasts, keep at it! What are you guys tipping the bucktails with?, thanks

  46. thundermistlures says:

    @CRonoldo7 Best of luck to you!

  47. CRonoldo7 says:

    I’m going to fish in the same place right now off a beach

  48. spookycheese123 says:

    @conswan57 why would u dude

  49. thundermistlures says:

    @conswan57 If it works for you that’s great…stick with it. Thanks & good fishing!

  50. conswan57 says:

    when i fresh water fish i use a bait that looks like a snake

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