Sea bass fishing at its greatest (La Push, WA)

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Fishing in La Push, WA…going for a new record. in 10 minutes we were able to catch 21 sea bass.
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Long Lake Bass attack! Credits: All pics and audio found on Creative Commons. Intro: crowd pic – Marfis 75, we want more audio – thanvannispen, music – Fresh Body Shop. Other music: closing song – Mustapha, episode music – Sebteix and Rzeka. F24 video intro created by Z. Sullivan. Yet another F24 Bass fishing Challenge!
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16 Responses to “Sea bass fishing at its greatest (La Push, WA)”
  1. drewduck7 says:

    Black rockfish at LaPush, Neah Bay or Sekui makes largemouth bass fishing pale by comparison. 4 inch curly worm or a buzz bomb will get hammered by these guys. Neah is my favorite place in the world. Beautiful kelp beds, cliffs, rocks, fish whales, seals…awesome!

  2. filipino793 says:

    yea we used to go with a regular point wilson dart and then we went to the double drop shrimp jig and now we just take a point wilson and add a special piece which causes the seabass to just get so irritated that they just go nuts as if to kill or somethin but yea its about 8-10 miles north of the marina real close to the rocks about 20-30 ft from them and about 40 feet deep

  3. kajukid23 says:

    I go up there with my uncle dad and grand pa every I swear that looks like the same spot we go we caught 80 fish in 2 days we all maxed out we were catching 2 at a time with the squid and the scampi’s

  4. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    @NECROMORPHGUY You’re right… We had just dug that bass out of some major fallen timber and we were finally able to get the camera on her. She was a beauty! If you watched the entire video you would have seen the fish released unharmed. Check out our channel for more monster largemouth videos from Washington state along with some serious salmon action. We fish for the multi – species Xperiance! Congrats on your big bass today!


    1st thing: i live in washington near long lake and ive seen my fair share of big bass. 2nd, that was not even close to how a REAL bass would fight. it was just laying in the water dying pretty much. i caught one the same size out of Sunwood Lakes in lacey today and it fought really hard so u guys aren’t really that smart or clever. besides, those bass arent very common around here.

  6. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    @HuntingNorthWest You’re right… We had just dug that bass out of some major fallen timber and we were finally able to get the camera on her. She was a beauty!

  7. HuntingNorthWest says:

    Staged bass

  8. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    C&I are so sorry to hear of your loss, iletmgo! Life is precious; thank you for the words of wisdom. We hope that your week is going well. TGI(almost)F!

  9. iletmgo says:

    @fishn2gthr4ever : I didn’t mean you guys are idiots in the context you think I meant. I mean you two are goofy as hell and are just right for each other. I too had a wonderful wife like yourself, she enjoyed fishing with me everywhere we went. But I lost her suddenly, so enjoy what time you have and always make it quality time, you never know when it will end.

  10. fishn2gthr4ever says:

    @iletmgo: Idiots? Maybe… Made for each other and having a blast living life? You got that one right! Have a nice day!

  11. iletmgo says:

    You two are idiots,, just made for each other,,

  12. camofirekid says:

    thought she was a mannequin in the beggining

  13. gnomehater63 says:

    hey your in russ cove!!! thats where i catch most of my fish!

  14. pinballwyz says:

    See the following for more info: m/2010/09/open-letter-my-views -why.html

  15. glenandgibbert says:

    hahaha she had it too the boat before you filmed it. but nice try. ahhaha that was huge.

  16. tonibozarth says:

    Man, you two rock!

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