Rock Bass Fishing Show

January 18, 2012 by  
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The Rock Bass Fishing Show starring my brother Kyle


10 Responses to “Rock Bass Fishing Show”
  1. MultiSlayer911 says:

    @drummer5o no rock bass are realy not a bass at all there a pan fish

  2. DrGrant420 says:

    that dude filming musta been stoned!

  3. josefjob says:

    full of hahahaha

  4. zing432 says:

    If you want rock bass come to Benedict Lake in northern Minnesota tons of Rock Bass…. almost too much lol

  5. ejhxwannabeex says:

    whats up wit this guys laugh

  6. YankeeRaps says:

    @ blowgunking1994 – My brother and I were on Canandaigua Lake in New York.

    @ frummer5o – Rock bass and smallmouth bass are two different species.

  7. drummer5o says:

    Are rockbass and smallmouth the same fish?

  8. blowgunking1994 says:

    looks like lake st. clair

  9. smilymily88 says:

    i like you guys. your funny

  10. Redlaser21 says:

    awesome 100000 stars

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