Plastic Worms Bass Pros Woo Daves Fishin N 4

January 18, 2012 by  
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Plastic Worms Bass Pros Woo Daves Fishin N 4.really enjoyed and learned a lot from this segment of Bass Pros. I copied it on my iPhone then posted it onto YouTube ffrom my phone. I hope Bass Pros or Woo Daves don’t mind. I really just wanted to share this with a few friends who love to catch bass with plastic worms. ENJOY.
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6 Responses to “Plastic Worms Bass Pros Woo Daves Fishin N 4”
  1. poppafish428 says:

    I met Woo and his son Chris at BassPro Shops in Foxboro,Mass at the2011 Spring Spectacular.They treat you like family.I got so much info my head was spinning.

  2. meadows181 says:

    best bait yes sir it is

  3. 10thefishermen says:



  4. tomfan180 says:

    good ol virginia boy!

  5. omarkole says:

    4:10 actually, no lol

  6. Nexlevelbassin says:

    Woo is the man.

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