Pig Stickers

January 18, 2012 by  
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Fished allot of hours but we accomplished what we set out to do, stick some pigs.

I have just got new stickers to give away. To download all our videos as a quality divx visit centralcoastbass.com enjoy.


5 Responses to “Pig Stickers”
  1. Winkiedoodles says:

    Those were some very, very good fish. Who carries the cooler with the pancakes, sandwiches and pot pies (ice cream for desert?) while you are out there for 20 hours?

  2. TeamBASS2000 says:

    @erpyoung It’s an 80 acre upground res. with extremely clear water and depths of 25ft. and yeh it has alot of better than average largemouth in it. It can be real tough at times though.

  3. erpyoung says:

    man that pond must be loaded with bass

  4. MakingMasterClass says:

    Awesome video man, thats good stuff. gotta hit the lake tommorow now.

  5. Darkzezimazz says:

    I hope I get my free sticker soon!

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