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nightfall fishing can be constructive and fun if done perfectly. You must know when to go, the right spots to fish, and most importantly – the type of bait and tackle the fish will hit.The best time to go to nightfall fishing is during the summer when the shallow waters are distressfully hot for the bass. A decent distance is about 60 degrees and up.

Now where will you fish?I’ve been asked this subject many times. The exceptional spot to fish at evening is the nearest deep part of the body of water that you have had success on. Remember, since it’s night fish, try to keep your outboard motor quiet. This is because most bass tend to stay in the same area of their nesting – especially true for small mouth bass. In the deep part of water, look for the nearest weed bed, or pill of rocks that bass tend to hide in. Some other exceptional spots are shallow shorelines in lakes, rocky banks where craw-fish tend to be, or boat docks.

What are the types of Lures and Tackle bass will hit?Because of night conditions, a heavier lure will give you an easier feel and it will be easier to hook the bass. Here is a nice list of favored lures to try:

-Hair jigs close to 3/8 ounce-Rubber jigs 3/8 ounce and up for large-mouth bass.-Spinner-baits-Plastic worms-Top-water lures. Loud ones that will get attention, poppers and wobble type lures are best.

The excellent color is any category of contrasting dark color. Such as purple or red. As for top waters I recommend black because it provides the most contrast for the bass looking up. In accustomed, the lure shall be one that makes a lot of noise, purple or red color and is heavy.

Some Useful Tips…Some fisherman bring into play a black-light and fluorescent line. This makes it easier to pick up on a hit from a bass. Some anglers don’t like this idea because they touch it may distract the bigger fish. Just in case, I do recommend just going with a lure with more feel, like a spinner-bait. Some outboard motors for your boat are better to use at evening, a 4-stroke is commended. You can see some good reviews on 4-stroke outboards and why it is suggested for nightfall fishing at .

Be safe.Remember, it will be the night so bring extra lights. And most importantly, have a lot of fun, bring home some bass!

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