My Bass Fishing Rod & Reels

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My Collection of Bass Fishing Rods & Reels.
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25 Responses to “My Bass Fishing Rod & Reels”
  1. MrThatonechannel says:

    Spike is awesome!

  2. kroganeye says:

    quantum is awsome!!!! i love the smoke. just got the tour as well. how do you like your smoke?

  3. chillzz98 says:

    I didn’t know mike from jersey shore fished.

  4. BassMastersToBe says:

    i believe its pronounced croppie, not crappy lol but good vid bud!

  5. 91redneckchucknorris says:

    dern…. i cant cast 100′ lol

  6. 6zag says:

    @mrkmel awesome thank you i got it and its very nice

  7. mrkmel says:

    @6zag The Kistler Helium LTA is great. You cannot go wrong when buying a Kistler.  They are a great company and rods perform awesomely. I would go with the Medium-Heavy, they have the perfect action and senstivity. I LOVE the Kistler Rods!!

  8. 6zag says:

    how do you like the kistler helium lta? i just purchased the 6’9″ mh the reviews were great and cant wait to recieve it but im interested to see how it performs with prolonged use

  9. redbone86 says:

    @FreshwaterAngling A.K.A Flatlanders

  10. tallfishman100 says:

    Woot I got a smoke and karrot stix comb! Nice vid

  11. mrkmel says:

    I have only practiced with it in my house. I have not tried actually fishing for Bass yet. All my lakes and ponds are frozen solid, and I haven’t seen grass since Christmas Day. It feels great, very light-weight. Of course, I will not know exactly how good it performs until I land a nice Bass.

  12. FreshwaterAngling says:

    Have you tried the smoke yet?

  13. mrkmel says:

    @FreshwaterAngling My cranking rod is the Kistler Micro-Magnesium 7ft Medium Rod. If I am throwing some larger deep diving crankbaits, I step it up to my Kistler Helium LTX Heavy 7’6″. This is heavy but it has a very light feel to it. I can feel the crankbait as it is banging against rocks and wood.

  14. FreshwaterAngling says:

    Your cranking rod is a heavy action?

  15. FreshwaterAngling says:

    Jersey people

  16. XpaintookmeoverX says:

    @mrkmel at least its thick enough to walk on.

  17. mrkmel says:

    @XpaintookmeoverX The ice is about 10 inches – Foot thick.

  18. XpaintookmeoverX says:

    @mrkmel oh gotcha i thought you were jus talkin about snow in generel.yeah i can see were that would be a bit of a you know how much ice there is?without the snow.

  19. mrkmel says:

    @XpaintookmeoverX You are correct. However, we just have too much snow which makes the ice a little more dangerous because you cannot tell what is safe, and all the weight of the snow can cause the ice to break. We have about 2-3 feet of snow on some parts of the ice. We just got our first real Canadian Low which caused the weather to go down to 0-10 degrees at night and teens during the day. This will help the ice.

  20. XpaintookmeoverX says:

    @mrkmel i may be wrong.but im pretty sure that you want the snow on the ice.the snow insulates the ice so that it wont melt.the snow melts before the ice will melt.not to mention it is a pain in the ass if there is no snow on the ice to try and walk on the bare ice.again i could wrong.but im pretty sure its better to have the snow.

  21. Dudgi66 says:

    “and we love chubby women.” Spike- “yeah!) lmao.

  22. mrkmel says:

    @zmanlane we will have videos of us catching some nice Bass. Please stay tuned. We are currently buried in the snow in NJ. We would make some ice fishing videos but the snow is causing the ice to melt.

  23. zmanlane says:

    you are the real deal bro… a true bass fisherman. now, you have to do some vids od you actually catchin fish…..

  24. mrkmel says:

    @dajahvue I appreciate the comment. The Smoke is much lighter, sleeker, and feels to be much quicker. I would believe the curado would hold-up better with heavier line and fishing in the weeds and lilly pads. In my opinion the smoke is meant for cranking all day long, and light weight plastics. The smoke is the 100 series and is the 101 because it is left-handed. The Zbone is the real deal.

  25. dajahvue says:

    thats a killer gear right there. hey how would you compare the currado to the smoke? which one you like better? was that a smoke a 100 series or the 150? btw the zbone is sexy lookin.

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