Lake Underhill Bass Fishing – Orlando’s Fab Five Lakes for Bass fishing in Central Florida

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Take a quick look at Lake Underhill in Orlando Florida and it’s bass fishing. Known as one of the Fab Five, Lake Underhill boasts an amazing bass fishery. Fishing Florida is going to all of the Fab Five Lakes and Urban Ponds and doing short videos.
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Bass Fishing with Bass N’ Flat’s Fishing Charters here is a part of a series of videos that I shot during a guide trip that produced 44 big fish in a single day in 1 spot like usual. Come and fish with me Dec 1st thru May 31st and you could have a great day just like this. 0.00 plus .00 for shiners for 8 hours of bass smashing. Book your trip early since we fill up very very fast. Monday – Friday are the best days with little traffic on the water.


4 Responses to “Lake Underhill Bass Fishing – Orlando’s Fab Five Lakes for Bass fishing in Central Florida”
  1. funeralsummer says:

    Caught some nice 3+ pounders here last December

  2. stevecgraphics1 says:

    There isn’t one that I know of. Al’s Bait and Tackle is on Colonial SR50 but they might be under new management because they weren’t so nice to me today. Lake Underhill is going off today Feb. 21st 2011. Cheers,sc

  3. bwheeler1989 says:

    is that bait store still there?

  4. j5jeffw says:

    Lake Underhill kicks ass! The best part of the lake, it is a catch and release only lake. So when I do a guide trip there the clients have to release any and all bass. Also on the fab 5 don’t go to Clear Lake without your piece and take all valubles with you in your boat cause you will get robbed.

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