Lake Toho Florida Bass Fishing-Day 3

January 18, 2012 by  
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Lake Toho Florida Bass Fishing-Day 3 topwater action from the world famous lake Toho in kissimmee Florida. Check out day 2 and 4 as well.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

South Florida Bass Fishing Guides - Lures For MONSTER Bass

South Florida bass fishing guides – John Pate show’s some of the best lures he uses to catch MONSTER bass. These lures work in the Florida everglades, all over Florida including big lakes, little ponds and canals. They also work all over the country.


22 Responses to “Lake Toho Florida Bass Fishing-Day 3”
  1. captainshane100 says:

    @Jthao11 It was nice to be on fish. Most of my trips I’am hunting hard to locate fish. These fish were very excited to see my bait.

  2. Jthao11 says:

    Too easy man.

  3. captainshane100 says:

    @4lifebassfishing Lane Toad was the killer, but the Ghost Shad worked pretty good too.

  4. 4lifebassfishing says:

    what color is your swimbait

  5. captainshane100 says:

    @pelletgun12 I don’t know why you haven’t subscribed before today either…lol. Thanks for the sub and the compliments!

  6. pelletgun12 says:

    You have some great video’s man i dont know why the hell i haven’t subscribed yet.

  7. captainshane100 says:

    @yang4evr Thanks ..i’ll be doing alot more filming now through the spring. It is almost primetime in S. Florida!

  8. yang4evr says:

    Love watching your bass vids. Hope you keep sharing.

  9. captainshane100 says:

    @TheLiLSalsa yes Charlie Moore Outdoor

  10. TheLiLSalsa says:

    wait from charlie more outdoor

  11. captainshane100 says:

    @mcknighter23 4-5 feet

  12. mcknighter23 says:

    @captainshane100 thanks man :P how deep was the water you were fishing

  13. lukeirunmw2 says:

    @captainshane100 alright thanks!

  14. captainshane100 says:

    @mcknighter23 medium heavy

  15. captainshane100 says:

    @lukeirunmw2 They are the Gambler Big Easy

  16. mcknighter23 says:

    what action carrot stix do you use? (m-mh)

  17. lukeirunmw2 says:

    are those the skinny dippers at the start of the video?

  18. hondaguy529 says:

    alright another capt. shane vid 😀

  19. MakingMasterClass says:

    Thats my neck of the woods!

  20. bugsy3609 says:

    lol i love the part where you said “me being a nice Christian angler”
    i always try to be a nice Christian angler and give the fish something to bite

  21. madmatt32192 says:

    another great video!


    the screw in nose where did you buy that at

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