Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing. First Time!

January 18, 2012 by  
Filed under Bass Fishing Video Me and my buddy, Capt. Bud R., took my boat up toi Lake Okeechobee for a quick bass trip. The wind was howling 20 mph out of the North East making for very sporty conditions. Budd caught a couple of good fish right off the bat. We managed 8 fish total before we were blown off the lake.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Dan Bieniek, Co-Owner of JD’sCustomBaits, was with me bassfishing on Lake Okeechobee. It was an incredible day. Dans best 5 fish went 27#’s. I caught a respectible 15# sack. All the bass were caught on a JD’sCustomBaits 2tone frog. Enjoy!


39 Responses to “Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing. First Time!”
  1. xHolyhotcakesx says:

    That was too big of a bass to open up the video with. Making us regular people jealous lol. Good job though you know your stuff and you’re more than just a solid fisherman. Wish I lived in that area. I live in central Florida and the fishing pressure here is tough so I’ve been doing a lot of saltwater fishing recently.

  2. captainshane100 says:

    @syldog1 I’am really glad yall are enjoying the videos. Stay tuned…this winter and spring will bring the best fishing. Should make for some fantastic video footage.

  3. syldog1 says:

    Cpt. Shane thank you for your videos. Some of these comments give you a hard time but I got to tell you that me and my wife and kids love watching them. Please keep the videos coming.

  4. captainshane100 says:

    @russp1973 The best part of fishing is watching other folks catch fish.

  5. russp1973 says:

    Nice fish there. You’ll get them next time.

  6. whitebathroomguy says:

    after that trip capt.shane has been demoted to

  7. JDsCustomBaits says:

    Nice fish guys!!!!

  8. MrNetbait123 says:

    how big were they

  9. captainshane100 says:

    @Maddawgbaits Mine were not picture worthy :( Can’t all be good days….lol

  10. Maddawgbaits says:

    wheres your fish captain shane?

  11. captainshane100 says:

    Today 10/30/2011

  12. CR7nikevaporCR9 says:

    was this today or yesterday?

  13. tlaza1317 says:

    nice fish

  14. zmanlane says:

    nice vid

  15. captainshane100 says:

    @N0SWEATOFFMYSACK It is a Gheenoe “Super”. It is 16 feet and floats skinny. Super stable. 


    could you tell me what type of boat you got? What size and what brand it looks like what i’m looking for to get up in the flats

  17. captainshane100 says:

    @lsufan9999 I am conflicted. I went to a Military High School in Alabama for a year and really liked the Auburn athletic program. However I attended LSU in Shreveport for a time and have always been a L.S.U. guy. Geaux Tigers! But I’ll take any S.E.C. team over any team outside the conference.

  18. lsufan9999 says:

    Come on now capt. I thought you were an Auburn fan?

  19. captainshane100 says:

    @xaytube Probably 75% of my fish over 5#’s came on the JDsCustomBaits frog this year. There really isn’t any hit like a topwater hit. Keep watching…primetime topwater season is only 2 months away. I’ll have some crazy good vids coming up. Thanks for the sub and thanks for watching!

  20. xaytube says:

    I’ve got to come fish the bass there! 6 lb is the biggest I’ve gotten here in MN and on that same lure, different brand. Great video!

  21. captainshane100 says:

    @MrBassfishing25 Not sure LSU will be number 1 at the end of the bowl season…but I sure think they will. Geaux Tigers!

  22. MrBassfishing25 says:

    lsu hat= we are friends

  23. pelletgun12 says:

    nice job man!

  24. TheLiLSalsa says:

    have u ever used the yum money minoews

  25. captainshane100 says:

    @TheLiLSalsa Swimbaits work well at Lake Okeechobee. I did a couple of videos from Lake Okeechobee using a Gambler Big EZ swim bait. The bass loved it. You have to understand that frogs are a staple food supply for us down in the south…..especially in Florida. Thanks for the good question and thanks for watching!

  26. TheLiLSalsa says:

    what about cranks or swimbaits i always see u using jds u could use something else

  27. captainshane100 says:

    @TheLiLSalsa I do sometime use a worm. I really like a worm but I’am more of a speed fisherman and like to cover alot of water quick.

  28. captainshane100 says:

    @JDsCustomBaits Looks folks I’am not a bait salesman but if you want the biggest profile, most durable plastic frog, then contact JDsCustomBaits here on youtube. 95% of my 2011 big bass have come on their frog. Thanks Dan!

  29. captainshane100 says:

    @bugsy3609 Thanks Bugsy…

  30. JDsCustomBaits says:

    We are running a special this weekend batch of Frogs for $25 until Midnight Monday 11-28-11.

  31. bugsy3609 says:

    awesome vid capt. shane

  32. kafue007 says:

    Great job guys! As always you make it look so easy! Might have to put in an order with Dan again real soon!

  33. TheLiLSalsa says:

    ok good do u ever use rubber worms

  34. captainshane100 says:

    @cmb1040 I do fish a lot, but sometimes it feels like work. 

  35. captainshane100 says:

    @TheLiLSalsa All were released after some photos.

  36. captainshane100 says:

    @22johnel I use a Shimano Curado 200e7 and a 7-6″ Heavy Bass Pro “Graphite IM6”. Dan was using the Bass Pro Extreme HM54 rod and a Ambassador 5500 C3 reel.

  37. TheLiLSalsa says:

    wht did u do with the fish in the boat

  38. cmb1040 says:

    how are you not really fat…i dont get it… you work…all you do is fish

  39. 22johnel says:

    What rod and reel are you using right here?

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