Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing, 4,5 and 8 pounders

January 18, 2012 by  
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Click right above on the blue: jjlightning to SEE ALL my OTHER videos. Fishing for bass on Lake Okeechobee. Many 3,4,5 and 8 pound bass caught. All released


25 Responses to “Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing, 4,5 and 8 pounders”
  1. jjlightning says:

    @bigjambass Rapala Skitter Pop.

  2. bigjambass says:

    What bait were u guys using ?

  3. mkwang5 says:

    @mikemike2222 because he would like to have fish to catch tomorrow

  4. MrPokemonfan231 says:

    i caught like what, 20-30 bass in a 5 hour trip by using a jig? yes

  5. bharned3 says:

    His name must be Jimmy..

  6. MsDinnerman says:

    that first one was a hawg!!!! nice job

  7. reptifreak99 says:

    @mikemike2222 ikr but if he catches them that rate his huse is probobly full of bass

  8. aswann0831 says:

    that first fish was huge!

  9. joels444 says:

    this is me and dads dream lake for bassfishing i wouldnt mind having a gator bite!!!!! i would love the fight lol good fish tho

  10. MikeyTheMyth says:

    im from new york. going to roland martins marina and renting a boat. n e body know any good spots? i got skunked last year…..bigest fish i caught up here was a 6.5lb largemouth. looking to land a 10lber in the big O

  11. Chrissy556634 says:

    Nice bass

  12. Chrissy556634 says:

    Nice bass

  13. bassmaster1231 says:

    the first bass is a fatty… nice video

  14. PASTACHEF1 says:

    what time of the year is best there? thinking of taking a trip up from boynton beach.

  15. tanman54981 says:

    can i come fish with you

  16. jonathanalexand says:

    Awesome video, guys!

  17. carrotstixfishing says:

    @mikemike2222 why wouldnt you let them go?

  18. radik315 says:

    what type r in this lake ,i live in bradenton

  19. tumesalvaste117 says:

    all these comments saying want to go there makes me feel good bc i live next to lake okeechobee :)

  20. Juan321C says:

    Great video! What an experience!

  21. CheapTrick5 says:


  22. thanmagioituyen says:

    i live in Tampa , how could i get there..?? ^__^ i want to go fishing..pleaseeee..

  23. kevbot31 says:

    im sorry but what lure were you using

  24. MagicCardGonzalez says:

    do u have the coordinates to winnies cove?

  25. dirtlates35 says:

    welcome to a nice day of fischiken

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