How to Draw a Cartoon Fish

January 18, 2012 by  
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25 Responses to “How to Draw a Cartoon Fish”
  1. SongAndLyricFreak says:

    @BLU3SW1FT its a cartoon so its not meant to have perfect detail

  2. qwdwfer3rt4gtrg says:

    tyson is awesome

  3. qwdwfer3rt4gtrg says:


  4. qwdwfer3rt4gtrg says:

    i luv it

  5. differentpineapple says:

    I like it, haha, but I wouldn’t have added the lines on the teeth! but thats just me! gonna put this into my random page of drawings x3

  6. suildhearg says:

    i think he talked to much

  7. 99cookn2ownu says:

    I can draw this with my eyes shut. I watched this when I was little and it stuck with me now I draw it very good

  8. jorgeb34 says:

    the dude that drew this is supposed to be a pro?

  9. KjandRhi says:


  10. Bionicleoh says:

    @iluvpivot09 you are so right dude they do look like jail bars

  11. Bionicleoh says:

    @iluvpivot09 your are so right dude

  12. LMmodels8 says:

    @Bionicleoh no.

  13. Bionicleoh says:

    @LMmodels8  can you shut up

  14. LMmodels8 says:

    @Bionicleoh Dude, you spelt cartoon wrong doofus

  15. Bionicleoh says:

    i said for fish not carton fish 

  16. TheKayandblake says:

    we want to know how to draw it not to see u draw it

  17. manbir211 says:

    I like doodlekat1’s fish better…a lot better!

  18. souljalinchen says:

    my grandma is drawing better…

  19. curlyleah02 says:

    This really helped thanks :’)

  20. sydni9438 says:

    i gave it braces :) =)

  21. hiphopgirlish says:

    Hi I love it it was really cool. Check out my video. Type in YouTube hiphopgirlish no spaces I’m not saying this is rubbish I just want to see what people think of it and veiws thank you. Btw the video is called my sexy puppy

  22. nicocunsolo says:


  23. GIGGLES200024 says:

    hi thats good !! check out my video type in on youtube GIGGLES200024 with no spaces im not saying its better its bad i just want to know what people think of it and get some views

  24. The1942Dude says:

    Thanks dude and awesome fish its so cool!!!!!

  25. rajawa159 says:

    Mӎrciii bcp ^^

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