Hookin’ Fish Online: Jigging for White Bass

January 18, 2012 by  
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i am jiggin for white bass

steve catches a nice 4 pound largemouth off the mepps musky killer


16 Responses to “Hookin’ Fish Online: Jigging for White Bass”
  1. DaewooGamer says:

    @reflexschmook i use worms and all day they bite all day long in the illinios river

  2. Wiperfisherman01 says:

    That my friend is a wiper, hybrid mix between a white bass and a striped bass

  3. maglio64 says:

    I believe that is a hybrid. The broken lines down the body and they fight like hell.

  4. hookinfishonline says:


    use jigs n a live minnow

  5. reflexschmook says:

    i havent been having any luck latly i live n rock island hav u? if so wat r u using and were please msg me back

  6. EGOTTLIEB12 says:

    never caught one, beautiful catch.

  7. FishHuntAndTrap2live says:

    hm really… did you guys really call that a striper go to my channel and look at my profile picture lol now that is a striper not what u caught lol… but nice white bass

  8. glob66 says:

    a white bass, not a stripper…..

  9. TDRHunter says:

    thats a white bass

  10. khaxiong69 says:

    White Bass, not striper LOL

  11. TheFishinguy101 says:

    nice fish wat kind of jig are u using!it looks like a white curltail jig with a jigheaD?

  12. asianbass4life says:

    I live in minnesota i throw a mepps musky killer alot with a steel leader cuz in MN u never know if u got a muskie,pike, or big bass

  13. undergroundfishing says:

    dam nice catch!!

  14. PBmadness12 says:

    damnnn thats awsome hope u catch it!!!

  15. hookinfishonline says:

    it is a very good spot, we believe their is a bass close to 8 pounds in there.

  16. colbybassmaster says:

    you guys seem to have a really consistent spot nice video

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