Hookin’ Fish Online: Colin’s Bass

January 18, 2012 by  
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i caught this bass using a mepps #4 black fury the lure can be found here www.mepps.com

i catch this big bass using a Inhaler Muksie Lure, it weighed 5.1 pounds the lure can be found here www.inhalerlures.com
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25 Responses to “Hookin’ Fish Online: Colin’s Bass”
  1. bassfishermn95 says:

    calm your tits

  2. fishwhisperer6100 says:

    oooohhhh oohhhhhh ooohhhhhhh. man that was beast

  3. lclerkin451006 says:

    Have you ever caught a big fish before????

  4. DevilsCuz says:

    That guy must be on steroids. It’s just a fish dude!

  5. GOOCH2655 says:

    5lbs and your screaming like a maniac lol

  6. zrgjcf2213 says:

    Nice fish man but calm down lol

  7. Flaxalf says:

    awesome fish man, good work!

  8. zzztubazzz says:

    Look at him Look at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. texasfishingTEAM0 says:

    were looking 

  10. Fingolfin3423 says:

    Somebody likes to scream when they catch fish. God damn…

  11. touchtoomuch1000 says:

    I can not believe how overly excited you are. Sounds like your buddy has to brush up on his estimating skills. I’m glad you weighed him on camera to give people an idea of what fish really weigh. Nice bass .

  12. yetisac27 says:

    hulk smash!

  13. RedneckGearReviews says:

    Your excitement is hilarious, I’ve been right there with you, lol.
    Great catch bro.

  14. 23yroldfox says:

    where the hell are you fishing? farm pond?

  15. bassallyear says:

    @constantinosbassman lmao:D lol

  16. constantinosbassman says:

    Call 911 Holy Crap

  17. AvidFloridaAngler says:

    um bro its just a 5 pounder like look at my video…

  18. donkeyboy260 says:

    nice bass wish i could have caught one like that a coulple of days ago.

  19. ZachmanTheFisherman says:

    If you really want to get a new personal best, tryout the Spro BBZs all of them would work

  20. keiferownz says:

    Shut up I’m looking at him…

  21. cooldude3001 says:

    What a fight that must have been, i caught a bass almost exactly like yours! (mine was 4.5 pounds), it was the biggest bass ive caught this year, and MAN the fight was awesome, i thought i hooked on something bigger, those damn bass in the ottawa river fight like monsters.

  22. EGOTTLIEB12 says:


  23. BassAnglerMike33 says:

    lovin the sound of the braid

  24. socalbassboy says:

    lol it sounds like it kicked you in the nuts! XD nice fish ike!

  25. sh0rtbus says:

    LOL funny guy love it man

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