Hat Cam Bass – Sight Fishing Big Bass

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A 5 lb 4 oz largemouth bass is caught while sight fishing just days away from the spawn, all filmed with the hat cam.
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25 Responses to “Hat Cam Bass – Sight Fishing Big Bass”
  1. joelyboyblue says:

    dadgum boy thats what Iike to see, instant action, great video! great hat cam setup too!

  2. NWIbass says:

    @HatCamBass Yes letting them flop around on the ground is “careful”/…

  3. 777Revolutionary says:

    this wind is annoying af.

  4. HatCamBass says:

    @Zeke8762 I know how to care for fish, and do as much as I can, when I can. I’m also a big advocate of conversation of smaller, public fisheries that are decimated by over-harvesting and poor fish care. So honestly, I don’t need your approval of how I handle fish. But if you want to make blanket assumptions based on a 5 minute video clip, have at it! LOL. You couldn’t be more wrong in this case.

  5. Zeke8762 says:

    @HatCamBass Is that why you let them flop around on the dry grass, which scrapes off their slime and can leave them prone to infection and disease?

  6. chasebossy23 says:

    the fish are like lazy

  7. 4hogwilder says:


  8. HatCamBass says:

    @ace3767 Never tried it. Sorry!

  9. ace3767 says:

    I am thinking about purchasing “The Lid Cam” What do you think ? Thanks, and nice videos.

  10. USCisbeast22 says:

    Did you catch allthose on el sanko wacky rig

  11. pureepic441 says:

    @HatCamBass i have the silver max and i ve bass and salmon with it

  12. bassfishing247 says:


  13. HatCamBass says:

    @takkieaaa Yes, we are catch and release only. We are VERY careful with how we handle the fish we catch.

  14. takkieaaa says:

    catch and release??

  15. bigbassmaster1 says:

    man dude im givin u a sub that bass was a monster

  16. circkbmx101 says:

    @HatCamBass thanks for your help

  17. HatCamBass says:

    @circkbmx101 I’ve used both and consider them about equal. They are good reels…the only drawback is lack of durability. If you use them heavily, they are prone to wearing down. You might want to consider shelling out a few extra bucks for the Shimano Caenan. Either that, or the Daiwa MegaForce or the Abu Garcia Silver Max…which are upgrades to the two I mentioned before.

  18. circkbmx101 says:

    @HatCamBass have you used either of them and if so would you recommend it and if you have used both which do you most prefer 

  19. HatCamBass says:

    @circkbmx101 The Daiwa Strikeforce and the Abu Garcia Black Max will get the job done for around $50.

  20. circkbmx101 says:

    what is a good cheaply priced bait casting reel

  21. bassinassasin21 says:

    Appreciate it man im gonna go to academy and pick one up today I got a 6’6 mh vendetta im gnna put it on and ur vids are awesome hope to always see tight lines

  22. HatCamBass says:

    @bassinassasin21 They are incredible reels, and very affordable.

  23. bassinassasin21 says:

    Wats ur regards on the curado good or bad

  24. HatCamBass says:

    @s4il Yes.

  25. s4il says:

    pre spawn female?

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