Guide to Bass Fishing

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bass fishing ideas
by marsmet542

Guide to Bass Fishing

Article by Thara Washington

Aaaah fishing, my how it has evolved. What probably started out as someone’s step in the quest for survival, has over time turned into something more than just fishing for food but also fishing for sport. Bass fishing is one of the more popular types of fishing for sport activities. And it’s fun! Who can resist the lure of the open water and the calming serenity of just you, a boat and a bass? But no way are you just going to go out on the water and just fish by guess, you want to catch the loch ness of bass.

Although you can use a boat to bass fish, you can also fish from the shore. Anyone can enjoy bass fishing, boys and girls women and men.

First you gotta choose your bait. Bass fish are smart fish that can fight and you can’t just use any and any old bait. There are probably hundreds of types of bait; you have plastic, traditional hooks and live bait. Being a good bass fisher means that you have to watch the patterns of the bass and maneuver to suit.

You have to change your strategy when fishing in morning, midday and noon. It might seem complicated but once you get the hang of it you will reap the rewards…

In the morning use baits that are light weight and either float on the surface or go just beneath the surface. They are right there coming up for food. It should be easy enough to catch them on their morning run.

In the midday the bass tend to remove themselves to covered areas. They usually settle under fallen logs, tree roots or they go deeper under water. You must use heavier baits or plastic baits or hooks with weights. This ensures that the bait goes further to the bottom of the river or lake bed.

And in the noon or late afternoon it’s basically a free for all, you can catch fish a lot more easily the in earlier times. The fish may also revert to their midday pattern and hide under some sort of cover or deep water.

Now the other thing you got to look at is the line and rod you are using. You might as a beginner try light weight pole as this gives you a feel for how well a bass fish puts up a fight. Accordingly use medium range strength of wire, about 1 – 8 pound. You get used to the characteristics that the bass possesses. Getting you primed for the big fish just waiting to be caught. Then you can eventually move onto a stronger line, more bait and a lot heavier weight rod.

Remember take everything in stride and take time out to enjoy it all. Bass fishing is a can be complicated and its methods can be numerous. But when you have experienced it for yourself you get your own unique swing to it. Till then use these bass basics are here to get you there.

But hold on a minute… You won’t want to spend a single dime until you’ve seen these easy bass fishing ideas, tips and tricks…

Thara is both a fitness enthusiast and a research/review expert who runs a few fitness websites as well as the very popular

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