Get Reel Bass Fishing Rods and Reels

January 18, 2012 by  
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Chillin in the man cave talking about rods and reels. The first Get Reel Bass Fishing HQ informational video. including these products; Penn Reels Quantum J & J Sports J & H Tackle Pflueger Fishing Tackle Abu Garcia Rod and Reels
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11 Responses to “Get Reel Bass Fishing Rods and Reels”
  1. TheNaturecenter says:

    @Reliancedred haha…yes we do, sorry :/ did this help you on deciding on what rod you wanna buy?

  2. Reliancedred says:

    Here I am struggling to save to buy just one rod and you got so so many. WOW

  3. buckandbass19990 says:

    no baitcasters?

  4. TheCreekangler says:

    quantam are great rods so are pfluger man nice collection

  5. TheNaturecenter says:

    @jandhtackle no problem guys! thanks!

  6. jandhtackle says:

    Thanks for the mention and for your business! You’ve got yourself a nice arsenal!

  7. dannymartin66 says:

    I wear them out to.Frog fishing with big frogs and twitch baits on the flats kills them.i always bock at the price of penns.In the long run i know it would be cheaper to come off the money up front.

  8. redbones1960 says:

    Nice stuff !!!

  9. TheNaturecenter says:

    @socalbassboy thanks :)

  10. socalbassboy says:

    nice collection!!!

  11. magelaugh123 says:

    and i thought i have allot of rods….

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