Fly Fishing Peacock Bass in South Florida

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Fly Fishing Peacock Bass in South Florida

In this video we go fly fishing for the florida peacock bass. We caught over 40 peacock bass on the fly rod and spin tackle combined. The video was recorded with a GoPro HD camera at 720p and 30fps.

Peacock Bass fishing Miami Florida. Sorry couldnt get HD for this vid. Vid 5 will have HD
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35 Responses to “Fly Fishing Peacock Bass in South Florida”
  1. CasaCuevasFishing says:

    and what rod a reel were you using???

  2. CasaCuevasFishing says:

    what fly where you using???
    nice vid

  3. C4FishingTeam says:

    @miguelpah Indeed!!! Thanks bro.

  4. miguelpah says:

    Very nice video man!! Fly fishing + peacock bass, it doesnt get any better that that!!

  5. coconutfever123 says:

    @C4FishingTeam o i c. 😀

  6. C4FishingTeam says:

    @MrEastside619 Thanks bro!!

  7. C4FishingTeam says:

    @InfinityFishingTeam GoPro meng :)

  8. C4FishingTeam says:

    @coconutfever123 Not a highway, but a major street lol.

  9. MrEastside619 says:

    Great video!!!

  10. InfinityFishingTeam says:

    Gotta love the quality.

  11. coconutfever123 says:

    that looks really fun! drink a couple of cold beers, sit back and go fly fishing…
    was this video recorded near the highway? looks like it….
    40 fish is pretty damn good for one day! :)

  12. wildlifeman120 says:

    @C4FishingTeam from brazil nahh but  i have fotos

  13. C4FishingTeam says:

    @Spiderflaw You like the whole video lol!!!

  14. C4FishingTeam says:

    @MakingMasterClass Thank you :)

  15. C4FishingTeam says:

    @Traveler2112 Thanks bro!!

  16. Jip1129 says:

    You should use a dragonfly fly. It’s dragonfly mating season so the peacocks will be hitting it the second it touches the water, get to work lol. Tight lines!

  17. Spiderflaw says:

    I like the part where you caught the fish. :)

  18. MakingMasterClass says:

    Nice job man!

  19. Traveler2112 says:

    Awesome man!

  20. MIAfishing1 says:


  21. C4FishingTeam says:

    @wildlifeman120 Heck yeah bro that day I caught like 30 on the fly rod and my friends caught like 10 on artificial and live bait. Do you have video of the peacock?

  22. C4FishingTeam says:

    @ewtoutdoors Thanks bro!!! Yeah same spot, thats our honey hole lol.

  23. C4FishingTeam says:

    @TheFlymanJim That is a great looking fly, the only material I need to tie it is the little foam head. That thing you used at the end to glue the eyes is it necessary to apply the uv light or will it dry alone? Yes that was a GoPro 960, they are awesome little cameras.

  24. wildlifeman120 says:

    dudeeeeee no way u an cat ch them off fly btw way i just caught a peacok today

  25. ewtoutdoors says:

    Nice video guys, as usual did a good job. Looks like the same place you fished with the young guy that caught that big one. Take care.

  26. C4FishingTeam says:

    @tumesalvaste117 Most canals in Miami hold peacocks they are widespread!! Check Google Earth you can find some nice spots there. Come out our channel we upload videos every week.

  27. tumesalvaste117 says:

    i live in hendry county where can i go in miami to just fish for peacock is it free do u know any docks to fish in ?

  28. majrascal863 says:

    in hiali there are in schools of 100’s
    just take a castnet and get dem all at one time

  29. durtrider55 says:

    wat bait were u using

  30. jorgem42 says:

    nice fishing man …love the songe

  31. lrave001 says:

    nice catches there dude…keep at it..i just suscribed =)

  32. xMR305x says:

    My biggest was also 20 inches! Check out my video if you want to see a peacockbass i caught and an alligator came out of no were and got hooked on! itz called Peacockbass vs Alligator….. thx

  33. carag001 says:

    Awesome video you put together. I am surprised youtube has not muted your music…. Those are some really good fish there. I also like putting my fist in the Largemouth bass mouth. My biggest is 20 inches. 5 stars. Check my video response out.

  34. IronManJr says:

    dang dawg!
    how much did he weight in at???

  35. TLHookUp says:

    Nice job! I might be doing some peacock bass fishing real soon myself.

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