Fly Fishing Bass – by Todd Moen – Catch Magazine – Fly Fishing Videos

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Fly Fishing Bass - by Todd Moen - Catch Magazine - Fly Fishing Videos

Bass Fishing – DVD FOR SALE! Best of Catch Magazine – Season 1 Alpine Bass by Todd Moen – http – A T-Motion feature for Catch Magazine Issue #6 – Online Fly Fishing Magazine Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography & Film T-Motion Sponsored By Simms Fishing Products Fly Fishing Videos, Fly Fishing Movies


25 Responses to “Fly Fishing Bass – by Todd Moen – Catch Magazine – Fly Fishing Videos”
  1. luismsanmiguel says:

    Hey guys ….i invite you all to join Fly dreamers ……….a worldwide fly fishing community, visited daily from 108 countries ……Tigth Lines; Luis

  2. capecodflyfisher says:

    O’keefe is the man…

  3. moosetrackman says:

    Excellent Video!

  4. stpaul7 says:

    After Watching this Amazing Video I went out a bought a Fly Rod 😉 No really I think it’s one of the best Videos I ever saw on fishing Just AWESOME please tell us where this was shot ?

  5. fisherman9826 says:

    what weight rod and what size popper

  6. cmbullit says:

    Just found this site that has discounted fly fishing gear and beautiful fishing pics. Be forwarned it makes me want to go fishing like now. Join if you like and fish on at tightlinzDOTcom/invite/CraigBorrenpohl

  7. iRECKONER says:

    Where is this at ?

  8. capsaicinrain says:

    Great video, I’m going to start fly fishing from my kayak, challenging but fun

  9. bevanlurito says:

    Nice clean healthy looking bass!

    Wish I knew where this was… :/

  10. Truffe75 says:

    We have similar problems with missed strikes in Denmark, although we are mostly using our surface flies for northern pike and not bass, as it is not indigenous. The pike simply often misses the attack. If it happens, we often stop the retrieve and wait for a second attack using only the occasional “plop”. The cardinal rule is: “Don’t strike unless you feel the weight of the fish”. Works brilliantly for me. Maybe it’s worth a try. Tight lines from Denmark :)

  11. xaytube says:

    Wow…lol kinda corny but awesome bass action!

  12. Mikethemagicman13 says:

    3:46 may be the COOLEST fishing shot on youtube.

  13. loganwilson101 says:

    is he using a hula popper?

  14. flyfisher4life1 says:

    Does anyone know what reel he is using?

  15. michaelshanahanfly says:

    sweet ride.

  16. yatesc60 says:

    where is this?

  17. hoffman4506 says:

    thats amazing.
    i’m just getting in 2 fly fishing.
    i’m no good at the moment and never caught anything on my fly gear but i’m learning!!!!
    cant wait for my first one.
    living in sussex, england, i want it 2 be a grey mullet or a sea bass.

  18. hlub33 says:

    i like your hat

  19. sbnfishing says:

    awesome foot!!!

  20. SwnyPony says:

    whats the music?

  21. AwesomeIndiana says:

    What size tippet did you use for that popper?

  22. AwesomeIndiana says:

    sweet. I’ve fished Hula Poppers on casting rods before but it never occurred to me to put one on my fly rod. Thanks.

  23. FishingThePNW says:

    wow! this video was put together amazingly! great footage and great job! awesome 😀

  24. JohansHoodie says:

    God, i would LOVE to catch bass.. But guess what, i live in Denmark

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