Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

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Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

Florida Peacock Bass fishing all filmed with the Hatcam. Visit www.hatcams.com to see more videos.

Day of bass fishing with Bassmaster Guide Service in the Florida Everglades
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44 Responses to “Florida Peacock Bass Fishing”
  1. TheShadowking49 says:

    for the peacocks

  2. TheShadowking49 says:

    looks like they fight hard

  3. TheShadowking49 says:

    where you fishing

  4. C4FishingTeam says:


  5. PS3KICKSXBOX says:

    @skibum5722 ok thanks ill be sure to check it out.

  6. skibum5722 says:

    @PS3KICKSXBOX – I would check to see if there are any tripod accessories for your cell phone- for example, we carry an iphone tripod accessory that allows people to mount their iphones (which ordinarily do not have a tripod mount in it) to their Hatcams. See if you can find something similar for your phone and your all set.

  7. PS3KICKSXBOX says:

    @skibum5722 messager*

  8. PS3KICKSXBOX says:

    @skibum5722 Its a samsung messenger touch.

  9. skibum5722 says:

    @PS3KICKSXBOX What type of phone do you have?

  10. PS3KICKSXBOX says:

    @skibum5722 haha awesome..My cellular phone…haha does not have a tripod screw in?Any thing that might fit it?It has awesome camcorder

  11. skibum5722 says:

    @PS3KICKSXBOX – No, the camera has never fallen off my head. The hatcam has a velcro strap so that you can fit it snug to your head. Actually, you can watch the video “hatcam tutorial” on my channel and you can see me on an amusement park ride going upside down and it stayed put. So, for fishing, the hatcam is extremely stable

  12. PS3KICKSXBOX says:

    HAs the camera ever fallen off ur head when ur like bending over?

  13. stephen7meister says:

    if i lived in one of those houses along the canal i would fish everyday

  14. madfishinskillz says:

    is this just a roadside canal? have you ever caught a snakehead?

  15. madfishinskillz says:

    was that just a roadside canal?

  16. skibum5722 says:

    @maikel33016 – We were hatcam’n for Peacock in downtown Miami believe it or not!

  17. maikel33016 says:

    what part of fl is this at ?

  18. justfishingjustin says:

    @skibum5722 of course its affective;) im not a big shinner user my self … but i treat my self to them once in a wheil….. if u use wild caught shinners … they catch even more

  19. Crustydraw says:

    I have caught them big carp on a white curly jig b4… what part of florida is this?

  20. smcdonald86 says:

    Had a chance to help out Frank and guide some of your guys from SA in the everglades…great bunch of guys!! Always a blast!

  21. unitaper says:

    net? really? you can’t ber serious.

  22. philly442 says:

    always wondered if you could lip them, I’ve seen people just hold the bigger ones

  23. eztomem says:

    i bet he was pretty mad when that carp jumped back in the water but at least he got it on video

  24. MLBRENIZER says:

    Those Peacock Bass are sure pretty! I’ve never seen any up close, other than on video. I’m a Missouri fisherman. Great video. It’s always nice to see folks out enjoying the fishing in their neck of the woods.

  25. AWESOME03OOO says:

    carp landing fail

  26. Jip1129 says:

    Go checkout c4fishingteam on YouTube. They fish the canals in Miami and have great quality videos weekly. Also check out their blog. It has a lot of useful information!

  27. smcdonald86 says:

    @nik9032 Nope the water gets too cold in the winter time for them to survive….Only Miami-Dade and Broward counties have the peacocks

  28. nik9032 says:

    Are there peacook bass in lake Okeechobee

  29. halBaby55 says:

    @philly442 Yes 100s of times. GPS needed. Just ask Roland.

  30. EasyRecipesHQ says:

    good up

  31. Hydra773 says:


    lucky guy! what were some of the trophy sizes that you pulled in for largemouth bass?

  32. brettzker says:

    like “Aerojet Canal Bass Fishing” on facebook if youve ever fished it or want to learn more about the best bass fishing in miami.

  33. supersport93s10 says:

    hey steve me and one of my friends went on a trip with you a few years back for peacock and we had a blast. i was wondering what i could do to get a couple of those long sleeve shirts with your logo on them. keep up the good work

  34. funguy7979 says:

    great videos. I’ve been saltwater fishing in Florida my whole life and finally I’m set on some freshwater action. Watching some of your videos have given me some tips on how to present certain lures and how to make the actions of the lures more attractive towards the fish. Thanks for all the videos. Keep’m coming.

  35. delawarebass says:

    @maskful Why do you think? He is a guide service? Are you OK?

  36. maskful says:

    Why is your intro like two minutes long??

  37. gg5erick says:

    I was there yesterday =D pretty fun, our engine fell into the lake, and got lost without phone single, and we were vary far. All they gave us for an emergancy was a damn whistle lol, We pattled for 4 hours straight all the way back 2 port lol

  38. AyeeYoJerry says:

    @bassfisherman123453 use a jig or a rooster tail they work really really really good for peacock especially for peacocks that are in the shallow that you can see

  39. philly442 says:


  40. smcdonald86 says:

    About 50 days a year since I was a kid.

  41. philly442 says:

    Ever fish Lake Okeechobee?

  42. smcdonald86 says:

    yep…the fishing can be very good out of Markham park. I did a few guide trips there last month.

  43. bassfisherman123453 says:

    what do you use for peacock bass in south florida i use shiners but i dont want to waste money on them every trip.I fish in everglades holiday park on a wooden bridge

  44. WatUpDog12 says:

    hey steve its austin the kid whos been asking about the peacock and largemouth spots just wondering how much would it be to do a guide trip to the everglades with u email me back

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