Florida Bass Fishing Basics

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I hope that some of this information helps someone out! Tight Lines, Capt. Steve


24 Responses to “Florida Bass Fishing Basics”
  1. TheBrando333 says:

    my 2 favorite lures in central florida is the watermelon red super fluke and the junebug worm!!

  2. FootballPyro2069 says:

    I went bass fishing in lake okeechobee and these worked really well. I also used a spinnerbait in the afternoon, and that worked even better. With in 20 minutes, I got four largemouth one right after the other in just one spot. This is a really good vid

  3. smcdonald86 says:


    If you are talking about the swimbait that looks like a bluegill it is a bait made by Castaic. They are in CA. You should be able to find them online. The bait under it is a zara spook. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Torso503 says:

    Hey bud the top Hardlure what is that called whered you get that one? Your vid was helpful good fishing.

  5. FlapJackDDS says:

    @shootinshotguns throw on a bullet weight to add some resistance, or keep your thumb on the spool as you retrieve it:D

  6. BassTV says:

    Excellent video! Real educational, clear and precise. Great job and tight lines!

  7. EasyRecipesHQ says:

    nice one

  8. outdoorshuntfish says:

    a good lure for spring bass is the matzuo triple play minnow, i have some videos on my channel about it and out of the 12 bass i have caught so far this year 10 have been on this lure, one of them being about 3 pounds and 20 inches long.

  9. jaenksta says:

    @smcdonald86 isnt that a castaic catch 22 bluegill?

  10. jaenksta says:

    haha good video, one of the only videos where somebody actually knows 100% what theyre talking about, and doesnt include a damn banjo minnow lol, good video- i enjoyed it alot

  11. shootinshotguns says:

    all u bait caster fisher man help! im new to baitcasters and i have a question. it seems when ever i use a plastic my line doesnt rap around the reel very tight, which makes the line easer to dig into the spool because baitcasting reels have a horizontal spool, this never happens when im using a rapala or a spinner because there is always resistance on the line when retrieving so it stays nice and tight. help!!

  12. mikekw5 says:

    horny toad is the greatrest thing ever made ever

  13. xDaJoKa says:

    Zoom Super Flukes are my go to

  14. fishing4ever123 says:

    have u tried strike king frogs super loud

  15. ZachmanTheFisherman says:

    how much does the swimbait go for

  16. justfishingjustin says:

    looks like my favorite baits…. i guess florida and canada have their points in common ….. no spinners? i love spinners too but u pick up alot of other fish on them….. it dosent target bass spesificly….. and x raps are on my list too… live target perch baits….. there are alot of good crawdad plastick baits too….. and sometimes a big inline spinner is what u need. nicevideo

  17. smcdonald86 says:


    It is made by Optimum baits in CA.

    Capt. Steve

  18. coolman5942 says:

    what is the name of the swimbait?

  19. badcat1324 says:

    for sure the best flroida baits

  20. viperlinxion says:

    @smcdonald86 ho you know it’s a guy

  21. Catfishjoeproduction says:

    nice ..can hear you know what yer talking about..

  22. F250COWBOY2010 says:

    i got the yellow one wwith a little red.

  23. pljloves says:

    Finnally see someone using flukes haha they are my best lures for predator fish haha they never failed me winter,spring,summer works all year long.

  24. TheBassAngler1 says:

    no not some places but right by the boat ramp BAD IDEA!

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