Five Spring Bass Fishing Tips

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spring bass fishing tips
by marsmet542

Five Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Article by Daniel Eggertsen

The bass is one of the most popular game fish around and they are sought out by anglers of all ages with all types of skill levels. From the novice to the professional, bass fishing is the number one sport today. They’re an excellent species to seek out when you’re going on a family outing or when you’re with a group of buddies competing to see who can reel in the most fish.

If you’re searching for some of the best bass fishing that will keep you on your toes, then you want to go fishing in the spring. This will be the most fast paced fishing you’ll ever do because it’s when the bass are the most aggressive and the most plentiful. The only other time of the year that even comes close to the action that you’ll find in the spring will be fall fishing.As spring begins to emerge from the long winter most all anglers are excited and ready to get back out on the water and start reeling in those bass. During the spring the bass are very hungry and searching for food while preparing for the spawning season. They will move in close to the shoreline looking for a place to build a nest. This is the time of year when some of the biggest bass will be hiding out in some of the most unexpected places. It’s not at all uncommon for you to find them under a pier or hiding in some weeds near a bank.Five spring bass fishing tips:1. One of the best baits to use when fishing for bass in the spring are the soft plastic worms. They give you the freedom to fish in all types of different ways and in different areas. They can be used when fishing around weeds, lily pads, brush and all other types of structures. Casting topwater lures such as the poppers and frog lures will also work very well this time of year because this is when frogs and other small creatures are naturally plentiful.

2. Take advantage of the great fishing that you’ll have on days when it’s cloudy or drizzling rain. The bass will be active during these times and you should find it to be very productive.

3. Pay attention to the area where you’re fishing and look for the natural food source in the area. This will help you determine what bait would work the best in your particular area.

4. One of the hardest things about bass fishing is finding them. The more you know about the body of water you plan to go fishing in the easier it will be for you to find the bass. You know they will be around structures but you need to know where to find them. There are many underwater structures where the bass can be hiding out that you may be overlooking when you don’t know the area very well.

5. Get prepared before you head out on your bass fishing adventure. Double check your gear before you leave and carry along a variety of tackle and extra fishing line. Be sure and take along some things for personal comfort as well such as extra clothing, beverages and snacks.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on bass fishing here:

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