Fishing Amazing Awesome Giant Goliath Sea Bass Fish breaks rod.

January 18, 2012 by  
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25 Responses to “Fishing Amazing Awesome Giant Goliath Sea Bass Fish breaks rod.”
  1. TheLocoCastro says:

    are you a rokie or what? scream too much, like a girl. NEVER let the rod touch the boat.

  2. mojomonkey16 says:

    Ur not sposed to catch manatees

  3. captchancey says:


    My guess would be AJ’s.

    Capt Ben

  4. HKIS160693 says:

    Good for you! I am determined to catch one! I can’t tell you how many weights and hooks I have left in their mouths. I hooked into one today on ARC reef and fought it for about half an hour before my 125 lb leader snapped on me. Also something would hit our bait and then run with it. We were using small mangrove snapper if that a clue. We thought they were either AJ’s or sharks. What is your opinion?

  5. rapapano says:

    why did you pul it by yourself someno could help you like camerman 😀 to lift it on boat

  6. rapapano says:

    ok you have to buy new stick 😀

  7. MyRoger1989 says:

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooool waaaaaaaaw

  8. killer18071 says:

    dat a big fish mane

  9. kvin296 says:


  10. mjbearsfan says:

    I think its safe to say thats a big fish

  11. Saidin420 says:

    Dat bass.

  12. sejnitram says:

    Badass fish. Bitch-ass fisher”man”.

  13. lalakerforever says:

    I’ts easy to sit here and say what I would have been able to do if it were me holding that reel, but I dont think this guy is to experienced or just weak as all get out! In the heat of the moment he may have forgot to use the drag. Tired hisself out instead of the fish. That sucker is huge for sho. The fish may have punked him just a bit at first sight. Pump a lil iron dude.

  14. henne2048 says:

    Why didn’t he loosen the drag instead of locking it max & pump till the rod break? That’s not the way to handle a big fish, it’s suppose to be let line out, pump, retrieve line, let line out, pump, retrieve, repeat until the fish tires & retrieve all the way (guide) the fish back.

  15. HooksAndBeers says:

    3:33 epic shit

  16. ColossalTurtle says:

    Not that I dont know anything about catchin big ass groupers. Who knows, maybe I might catch it with ease? I am waaaay, way, bigger than the dude catchin it right now.

  17. austo52000 says:

    amazing! but i swear while he fishes he is histerical…

  18. TheEvolutionSkaters says:

    wow thats really amazing, what beautiful creatures but why the hell cant i get that lucky!!!!!!

  19. Ryanwheeles5 says:

    Is that Suppose To Be A Fish Or A Giant Human!?!?!?!?!??

  20. BlackyChan1001 says:

    @Sidap1992 what if i said it was 501 pounds am i a retard? nooooooo! Oh and nice fish

  21. captchancey says:


    Then book a trip and come on down.

    Capt Ben

  22. potpie55 says:

    Ok I want to catch a fish that is too big to bring in the boat.

  23. ChanseLFD says:

    You don’t let a goliath “run”. They live around structure, you let them “run”, they’re headed straight to that structure. And one that big, you don’t pull out of the water. That fish was created to be IN the water, you pull them out and we have this thing called “gravity” that plays hell on them. And with the regulations they have on these bad boys, you DON’T want to kill one.

  24. natrox000 says:

    How did that rod hold even after it broke?

  25. illusionistpg13 says:

    Like fishing? 20lb bass caught by me! Wanna see it and how to catch one yourself? Dont believe me? Watch my video!

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