Fish Arrow Flash J Bass Fishing Lure Tips Demo Video

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Fish Arrow Flash J Bass Fishing Lure Tips Demo Video

Fish Arrow Flash J soft plastic minnow / shad with special aluminum foil core creates a lot of flash in the water that attracts bass from a distance. Realistic build and action combined with the flash increases your chance of success.
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8 Responses to “Fish Arrow Flash J Bass Fishing Lure Tips Demo Video”
  1. mikedjumpin says:

    do they taste good in the pan to?

  2. andyyang1983 says:

    I’m starting to like these Flash J pretty good.. it has not failed me yet..even when the fish aren’t hungry these bad boys here work for the rooster tail and it works good on free fall..very good..ordering more.. wish they had some in the USA

  3. andyyang1983 says:

    very good Product..i have just received my order (Kosan Ayu) yesterday and have tried it out for the first time..First cast nothing, Second cast, didn’t know that stipers or Rock bass would take it..Thrid cast, another striper..i’m looking to order more and different colors..nice work

  4. martynwhit says:

    its a good bait, especially for pressured fish. i like it unweighted for sight fishing too

  5. hersta916 says:

    dang this bait looks tite i mite have to get sum

  6. ExtremeFishing says:

    The first example shows rigging through the nose. This method makes it easy to exaggerate the rolling flashing motion when fish aren’t biting. The second example rigs the hook through the upper body out the back while resting the weight against the nose. This gives ore control allowing the lure to be twitched and roll with a smoother more controlled motion. Sorry the wacky jig wacky rig example didn’t make it into this video clip.

  7. ExtremeFishing says:

    Simple Translation Captions are up

  8. ExtremeFishing says:

    Translated Captions coming soon. Basically, nose hook with a weighted wacky jig. This allows the lure to roll side to side and swim with a realistic motion. The rolling enhances the flash effect which triggers fish to strike. The lure has an inner aluminum foil that reflects a lot of light which crates the flash. He shows some other techniques with the same lure – you can also rig it like a wacky worm to make it looke like a distressed topwater fish. Hot selling item!

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