Everglades Bass Fishing in the Bone Dry Florida Everglades

January 18, 2012 by  
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www.floridaevergladesbassfishingadventures.com Like shooting fish in a barrel…Booh Ya Baby! If you like this video you’ll love my other videos. This video shows how productive the Florida everglades bass fishing can be, especially in low water conditions. These everglades bass are stacked like cord wood and feeding. Check out my other everglades bass fishing videos. If you like what you see then “SUBSCRIBE”. I appreciate you watching. If your interested in the most exciteing Florida everglades bass charters then visit my website http

www.floridaevergladesbassfishingadventures.com Jeremy, his wife and I worked a local canal in hopes we could catch enough bass for an afternoon fish fry.


50 Responses to “Everglades Bass Fishing in the Bone Dry Florida Everglades”
  1. captainshane100 says:

    @SoCalBassMasta99 It take one to know one…Thanks for the sub. I’ll have some more fantastic vids coming up soon.

  2. SoCalBassMasta99 says:

    you my friend are a true fisherman

  3. captainshane100 says:

    @derrickplater101 Derrick I was throwing a crawfih colored jointed Rapala 6′ diver plug.

  4. derrickplater101 says:

    What bait are u using

  5. BassFisherman102 says:


  6. Jip1129 says:

    Go checkout c4fishingteam on YouTube. They fish the canals in Miami and have great quality videos weekly. Also check out their blog. It has a lot of useful information!

  7. quattrohunter says:

    try to do fishing on Ladoga lake :)

  8. vesnaist says:

    @captainshane100 I said “Come with us on the river” West Morava “, so there may be attempts to catch prey 2-3 on the dummy, who catches the champ he is, because water in Serbia destroyed fish-stealing about thief. Serbia has to buy it “spro” frog, so I can get to it?

  9. captainshane100 says:

    @vesnaist Not sure what this reads in English….but thanks for watching!

  10. vesnaist says:

    dodji kod na na zapadnu moravu u srbiju,ko uvatis 2 ribe za dan na varalicu ti si sampion,lako je tu pecati..

  11. captainshane100 says:

    @BassTV I appreciate the kind words. Stay tuned….I’am just getting started and the next 6 months you’ll see some serious everglades bass and alligator vids.

  12. BassTV says:

    The fish were bitin’…. but they weren’t they only ones!  Awesome video….

  13. bigravensfan21 says:

    @BobaFett5079137 Ducks aren’t likely to attack you for a fish. Gators are.

  14. captainshane100 says:

    @ShimanoReels I agree! Those youngsters can be pretty wild with a treble hook. I appreciate you watching. Check out the rest of my videos…lots of good stuff and more on the way!

  15. ShimanoReels says:

    Wow – very cool video – the most dangerous thing I fish around here in Upstate NY is my 10 year old son :) You haven’t seen danger until you have seen a double trebled Rapala being whipped around by a young boy!!

  16. captainshane100 says:

    @thenorthwoodsFH thanks..it’s cool but it can be a pain in the butt. Usually when the fishing gets good the gators move in and mess things up. Check out my video titled “Gator steals my fish”. hey thanks for the sub and I hope you enjoy the chanel.

  17. thenorthwoodsFH says:

    its so cool that you have to fish around gators and stuff…. im jealous of you

  18. jNofdog says:

    @lucasalmond This guy is probably angry because he works 9-5 and is jealous of you.

  19. CampinCarl6661 says:

    @captainshane100 sweet thanks ang great vid:)

  20. captainshane100 says:

    @lucasalmond DONT HATE THE PLAYER……HATE THE GAME. BTW, I sure would like to take you into the swamp. Thats where I would leave you.

  21. captainshane100 says:

    @CampinCarl6661 These were Rapala 6 ft diving baits in a crawfish color.

  22. CampinCarl6661 says:

    What bait

  23. lucasalmond says:

    You act like you’re special because you have to avoid the alligators and snakes, you’re not any more special or better fisherman than us. You’re the one to put yourself in a position to get hurt.

  24. NorthernFisher092909 says:

    @captainshane100 Great thanks!

  25. captainshane100 says:

    @NorthernFisher092909 I know the St. Croix is owned by Shimano. I do not know which is a better rod. I would look at the warranty and buy the one with the better warranty. Good luck!

  26. reptileman157 says:


  27. captainshane100 says:

    @fisherdood19 I have used zoon trick worms..they work well!

  28. fisherdood19 says:

    do u ever use berkeley trick worms when you fish there?

  29. MrTunaVic says:

    Pretty Cool,nice video,hey with those guns (arms) on your friend I thought you were fishing with Tim Tebow! Go Broncos!
    Cya Tuna Vic

  30. BobaFett5079137 says:

    @gregoir its still in there it was an old old one

  31. gregoir says:

    @BobaFett5079137 hope the bike was ok!

  32. BobaFett5079137 says:

    pooor bass also what bug makes that annoying noise and i fell into a canal with a bike and almost died

  33. thebigbassboy says:

    @erpyoung u act like hes out there everyday of the week taking 15 fish everyday. there fish, they were made to eat

  34. tlaza1317 says:

    Man we can ony keep one and it has to be over 18″ . We caught about 40 today and no keepers the biggest was about 16″. Check out my channel.

  35. Christian7thSF says:

    By the way you are crazy for standing in knee deep water, Im from florida and live near the everglades and you dont know how many times ive seen a gator jump out of the water, fast and high as hell to! just sayin they can be submerged and without you knowing BAM! they got your leg. Becareful!

  36. Christian7thSF says:

    I would love to go fishing with you

  37. Christian7thSF says:

    I saw your other video you are an awesome fisherman!

  38. RRichards151 says:

    @erpyoung Keeping 15 bass may hurt it, But would you rater like 5 humans have 15 fish or 1 alligator eat 20 a day so think about that

  39. vvgmhod4 says:

    Rules and regulations from gov’t. agencies can guide and inform us as we try to make sense of what is best for our local resources; but, oh, if it were only that simple.

    Have a healthy respect for fish and game laws, but be informed and participate in shaping those laws. And insist that public officials base their decisions on science and not the demands of local well-heeled economic interests and the political elite.

    To the viewer, these largemouth bass are prolific and not threatened.

  40. captainshane100 says:

    @headstrong440 I would not know….we were only out there for 2 hours. And we have a cooler in the truck.

  41. headstrong440 says:

    eating fish that have been sitting in a tree in the florida heat all day cant be healthy haha

  42. madcow52403 says:

    u guys have caught more fish in a day then ive caught in my life

  43. captainshane100 says:

    @rapala1995 I fell the same way about my cat and dog…lol

  44. rapala1995 says:

    i’ve never met a man who eats bass. I could never eat a bass. I love em too much. More of a catch n release guy….

  45. TheIsraelr1 says:

    I’m up here in Pa. and I wish I was out there with you guys fishing. So much damn catfish eating up the game fish we barely see any good bass fishing like you guys were getting. Keep posting these vids, yeah yeah.

  46. DallasCowboysFan7 says:

    Good God!!!! What bait are you using!!!

  47. BASSangelers101 says:

    Nice vid Please check out my vids sub to me and I will back

  48. shatzbutteryyy says:

    keep the videos comin

  49. Xiofang says:

    @erpyoung In more direct terms, he means to say shut the fuck up until you know the facts.

  50. MyBeasty123 says:

    Nice video again. That’s a great spot. Keep it a secret!!! Awesome as always.

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