Emergency Fishing Kit (For Survival, Backpacking, EDC, Bug Out Bag)

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“Emergency” fishing kit in action. In this demo, we catch a few fish using the micro fishing system that I keep stowed away in my backpacking essentials kit. We start by taking a look at the contents of the kit and then proceed through the setup and use of the system. Stored in a 3×5 inch Ziplock pouch, this little kit packs quite a punch for it’s size… and while weighing in at 1.1 ounces, it’s a sensible option for adding to your backpacking gear. It’s fish catching capabilities also make it an excellent addition to a “bug out bag” or EDC (every day carry), as well as small to mid-size survival kits. Contents include: – Mono-filament line (6lb test) – Split-shot weights – Assorted hooks (size 6-10) – Snap swivels – Screw-in eyelets – Assorted small plastic baits (tubes & curly-tail grubs) – Spinner blade with clevis – Flies (dries & nymphs) – Small pouch of Powerbait – Tinfoil – Length of nylon string Here’s a link to a published article on this kit: bit.ly


25 Responses to “Emergency Fishing Kit (For Survival, Backpacking, EDC, Bug Out Bag)”
  1. phrankus2009 says:

    Thanks, once again. Was good to see the essentials that just work (artificials) and eyelets !

  2. intenseangler says:

    @NewbieCamper Hey there my friend. Sorry about the super slow reply, I somehow missed your comment until now. I was using about 12 feet of line (give or take)… just enough to allow me to get the line out there a little ways if needed. Hope that helps….
    Thanks for watching by the way :-)

  3. NewbieCamper says:

    Oh, meant to ask. About how many ft. of line were you using? (I’m not a fisherman, so no natural sense of what works or not.)

  4. NewbieCamper says:

    Eyelets = inspired!  Great video; thanks for sharing.

  5. brgzz says:

    Nice little rig to carry in a survival pack. Thanks for the video~

  6. intenseangler says:

    @0davek Thanks! :-)

  7. 0davek says:


  8. intenseangler says:

    @LadyGardenHoe Thanks my friend! I’m just glad they were willing to play along for the video 😉

  9. LadyGardenHoe says:

    This is awesome. I cannot believe how quickly you caught those fish!

  10. PHARRAOH says:

    good job. bluegil are good fun and awesome tasting fish. every kids best fishing memorries, include some gills

  11. Reallybigmonkey1 says:

    Awesome ideas man, I love the eyelet deal. I never thought of that. thanks for sharing!

  12. intenseangler says:

    @Pallooka51 Thanks a bunch Bro! Great ideas regarding adding a blade and matches… those are perfect additions if you’re going to be using this in a “survival” type kit. I mainly use mine for recreation, so the food factor isn’t as critical to my system. Think I might adopt your ideas for a kit for my EDC if you don’t mind though. Thanks!

  13. intenseangler says:

    @KittchenSink Thanks for the comments and kind words brother! I’m really glad that you got something out of this. Also wanted to thank you for the suggestions you made about covering some simple and effective rigs for “novice” anglers… was a great idea you had and has sparked a few thoughts for a future video. Take good care my friend…..

  14. KittchenSink says:

    Excellent vid. particularly for non anglers. Nice to see the eyelet idea in action. i need to add a few of those to my survival kit for sure. Thats proved most inciteful. well done bro.

  15. Pallooka51 says:

    great emergency kit, quality vid. my 2 cents: add a razor blade and a lighter or matches - food is the main reason, isn’t it?

  16. badvoodoodaddy1 says:

    @intenseangler I have been thinking about doing some videos. I just need to find a good video camera for fairly cheap. I write a blog and want to have a video channel to go along with that.  If you have any suggestions please let me know. You live in southern Idaho don’t you? we need to get together and go fishing. I live in Salt Lake City.

  17. intenseangler says:

    @StampedeSurvival Thanks for the kind words my Brother! 

  18. intenseangler says:

    @redwoodfox Glad that little tip helped my friend. I like your wire idea too… I’ve used that in the past and it works great. Thanks!

  19. intenseangler says:

    @medicjimr Thanks Jim :-)

  20. intenseangler says:

    @TroutManOutdoors Thanks for the kind words my friend! I agree with you 100%… those nymphs are the way to go… especially in kits like these. Can’t wait to see your video on your kit! Take care Brother!

  21. intenseangler says:

    @badvoodoodaddy1 Thanks for the great comment Brother! Would love to see a video on some of your stuff… do you have plans on making any? Take care!

  22. intenseangler says:

    @ihikearoundcom You’re welcome my friend! The rod that I’ve been carrying backpacking for years is a Quantum Xtra-Lite… it’s a sturdy little graphite rod that breaks down to 16 inches and weighs just a few ounces. Hope that helps…

  23. intenseangler says:

    @saradreaming Shhh…… it’s our little secret 😉

  24. intenseangler says:

    @Druetty You’re very welcome my friend!

  25. intenseangler says:

    @Tactical4noReason It always makes ya look good when the fish are biting huh! hehe Thanks Brother!

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