DROP SHOT – bass fishing Tips!!!!

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DROP SHOT - bass fishing Tips!!!!

How I work drop shot rig for bass.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Late fall Northern Michigan smallmouth bass fishing tips using spinnerbaits on Mullett Lake by Dan Kimmel from GreatLakesBass.com including a giant toad smallie.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


30 Responses to “DROP SHOT – bass fishing Tips!!!!”
  1. ybm24 says:

    your video are so help full i just had to favor and scribe to it. i’v learned some thing things and techniq from you. thx.

  2. TheCountrystuff13 says:

    Thank you for this video Roger.

  3. TNbassfishing says:

    subbed. sub back?

  4. exbassguide says:

    @Bass408fishing mid November things really slow down. You can catch fish but fishing is tuffer! In Northern Oregon I normaly hang it up early November.

  5. Bass408fishing says:

    When do you think it’s to late bass fishing in nor cal

  6. mrfishjersey says:

    Very nice Roger, a method that will have its benifits even here in the UK, thanks for sharing.

  7. Sonnys503 says:

    Much better video!

  8. sandman503 says:

    hey, ive seen you on ifish. subscribed!

  9. FishingItUp11 says:

    well, shake it quite a bit in early summer and the let it sit, and then i will pick it up slowly and drag it by lifting my rod tip, then i will drop it again and then i will quiver it, re

  10. exbassguide says:

    @2004yamahar6 I normally shake the drop shot a bit less than the video, but I do shake it like that at times. Bass will move to the bait from the sound and sight of the dropshot rig bring shaken. Try to change from time to time and find what the bass like that day.

  11. 2004yamahar6 says:

    I notice you shake the pole quite a bit. Is that a pretty normal practice? I have heard of barely moving, to moving it like you do. I jave been skunked alot from barely moving the tip and I am wondering if that is why.

  12. NGUdOlLoFf says:

    @exbassguide thank you roger i appreciate the quick response

  13. exbassguide says:

    @NGUdOlLoFf shamono spinning reel

  14. exbassguide says:

    @NGUdOlLoFf I use Daiwa’s Team Daiwa Tierra Spinning rod, Model # TDTR 602MHFS, it is med heavy and has a fast tip. It is 6 foot 6 inches and it really fits my fishing style.
    THANK! Roger

  15. thebracobs says:

    caught 3-4lb smallies on this rig with trigger x minnow

  16. NGUdOlLoFf says:

    what are you using for a rod and reel in this and what is the action and taper on the rod?

  17. echo1er says:

    @echo1er keep up the videos. Do you use any bait casters.

  18. exbassguide says:

    @echo1er I havse a canon camera, it is a powershot A11001S.
    Thanks Roger

  19. echo1er says:

    Nice clear video what are you shooting with.

  20. exbassguide says:

    @agentYJGP It works fantastic for summer smallies and it works good for l. m. bass in the summer! fish current seams and points for smallmouth. Fish pilings and docks for l.m. bass.

  21. agentYJGP says:

    does this work for summertime bass and for smallies?

  22. HATINTHEKAT says:

    good videos man, good tips, pretty thorough, not rushed and missing stuff, what are some other good plastics to put on a drop shot? could you even use a live nightcrawler?

  23. MegaLuisVEVO says:

    man dude that caught me some fish thank u

  24. exbassguide says:

    @devilstix411 Fish under the dock and try a three inch senko. there is less weeds under the docks.

  25. devilstix411 says:

    hey im fishing lake geneva off of the pier and im using a 5 inch small bass color worm and over there there are alot of weeds so i fish it with a texas rig drop shot. I can not seem to catch any fish even though im fishing very close to shade. I use a 2/0 hook, red, and with a 1/4 round weight. My technique is like yours but i dont seem to attract any fish. can you please tell me what is wrong. thank you.

  26. 82brummy says:

    When is fall time up there late October or what?

  27. GreatLakesBassdotcom says:

    Thank you. Glad you liked it.

  28. bassfisherman143 says:


  29. GreatLakesBassdotcom says:

    Put it on a cull scale. It went 6 pounds even. I enjoyed catching it!

  30. JDFlegel says:

    Nice. So you didn’t get a weight on the big fish?

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