Door County Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Sister Bay, Wisconsin

January 18, 2012 by  
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Mid-september smallmouth bass fishing out of Sister Bay, Wisconsin. Featured Lodging: Birchwood Lodge in Sister Bay – Visit to plan your next fishing trip or just learn more about fishing.
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4 Responses to “Door County Smallmouth Bass Fishing – Sister Bay, Wisconsin”
  1. lasko1025 says:

    Excellent video! Thanks for the great advice.

  2. kevinsewellfishing says:

    I agree. It’s tough to beat live bait. There was one boat that was fishing near us with artificials and I was outfishing them 3 to 1 with live bait. So, there was no reason for me to change. I hear that it’s a lot easier to catch them on artificials in the spring up there. Lots of jigs, tubes, grubs and small soft plastic worms seem to work well.

  3. ragebowhunter93 says:

    you could but nothing beats live bait.

  4. FishboiFishboi says:

    nice vid. hey cant you just rig on a plastic worm instead of live crawlers? saves more money and time..

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