Central Coast Bass fishing shows, fishing with a viewer at Naciemento.

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Central Coast bass fishing shows. Fishing with a viewer at Naciemento catching spotted bass in the rain. If you want to pick our brain about bass on a central coast lake just e-mail us and will set up a date. To download all our shows as a quality divx visit centralcoastbass.com Also check out our forum and blog. go to centralcoastbass.com and click the links at the bottom of our home page. Enjoy
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8 Responses to “Central Coast Bass fishing shows, fishing with a viewer at Naciemento.”
  1. TheCountrystuff13 says:

    What kind of spinning rod is that?

  2. kawabunga66 says:

    @patryklucarz Thats all you get at naci most of the time. Winning weights are usually 6 to 7 to 8 pounds, A fish over a pound an a half is a bonus most of the time.

  3. patryklucarz says:

    lol weighting a 1 pound fish =D keep the videos coming!

  4. h3llom4te says:

    @slotiger19 Tackle Warehouse is a pretty good website

  5. slotiger19 says:

    yeaa Tackle Warehouse

  6. bassinassasin21 says:

    Ahhhh screw you lol

  7. mmmmmarcus says:

    @bassinassasin21 Lame. I’ll check your vids outta pity. LOL

  8. bassinassasin21 says:

    Nice check out my vids ps #1 oh yea

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