Brownie Troop Fishing show episode 2 Striped Bass in Trenton

January 18, 2012 by  
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episode 2 of the Brownie Troop Fishing Show–Striped Bass in Trenton, NJ

To download all our shows visit This is a show I had on cable access a few years ago. I only made five shows and clips of them are on youtube but now I can show the whole show, in parts
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5 Responses to “Brownie Troop Fishing show episode 2 Striped Bass in Trenton”
  1. dolotsofacid says:

    Was Gener present? For most of these?

  2. beyblader26 says:

    first of all nice catch and do you guys fish on the delaware. also one more do u guys catch those bait fish on the same river as you fish the stripers on?

  3. McExellent223 says:

    ween fishing?

  4. happyfuncakes says:

    that’s dedication.. weather looks miserable! awesome vid!

  5. Edween75 says:

    reminds me of this summer…….rain on saturdays, whiskey and garlic, rain on sundays……awesome.

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