Bassmaster Bling

January 18, 2012 by  
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Funny guy brings 115+ mph offshore boat to Bass Tourney and proceeds to bug the hell out of people!
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25 Responses to “Bassmaster Bling”
  1. powerstrokeking says:

    Them weldin goggles?

  2. noncontradiction says:

    Yer usin shiners?

  3. PokerVT1 says:

    wheres Ed?

  4. MrBeto23kill says:

    that fat fuck looks like a drag queen gone fishing.

  5. chopNshop says:

    5 people never caught a Largemouth. Haters Hate.

  6. mano266 says:

    4:34 lolololol

  7. MPG70 says:

    Godzilla ain’t got nothing on me!!!!

  8. TPW0025 says:

    Quantum Baitcasting Reel

  9. aaron1719 says:

    @sausageslaps Hey man I make 10$ an hour with tips 😛 I’m 21 and am attending college and am pretty happy with my job. Why do you hate your employees so much lol

  10. bluewatertackle says:

    Full crack, hilarious, make another one, make another one…

  11. waterfowlmagnet says:

    @AWFChris Wow! You might need medication.

  12. corydispensiero says:

    This dude is super funny.. I think it is brillant.

  13. heavyxpress3000 says:

    is that ed????

  14. Rattlin12 says:

    Great vid hilarious…

  15. schymcgee says:

    Where did you get this footage?

  16. schymcgee says:

    Anyone who doesn’t see the humor in this has the brains of a fish! LMFAO

  17. mooza81 says:

    They should get this bloke to go to all the competitions!

  18. mooza81 says:

    @AWFChris That was legendary.. Good to see someone havin a laugh at how serious people take all this..

  19. KayJ431 says:

    @AWFChris It was just meant as a joke. Most of the world’s funniest people are actually the smartest. Maybe you could check your insecurity complex at the door before you post in the future…..

  20. eaglesdare318 says:


  21. albypine says:

    @sausageslaps lol car motor boats suck… you wish your turd could run with the out boards

  22. 98ZJKE28 says:

    this is some funny stuff lmao

  23. DaleHimself says:

    3:18 Haha his laugh is hysterical!

  24. DaleHimself says:

    3:18 Haha his laugh is hysterical!

  25. geoBM818 says:

    fucken basstard teeth lol

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