Bass Fishing Tips – Gerald Swindle/Winter Fishing on the Coosa River (Part 1)

January 18, 2012 by  
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Lucky Craft Pro Gerald Swindle talks about wintertime fishing on the Alabama’s Coosa River. This is part 1 of 2 from Lucky Craft’s Classic Pattern archives.


25 Responses to “Bass Fishing Tips – Gerald Swindle/Winter Fishing on the Coosa River (Part 1)”
  1. WVSportsmen says:

    subbed subb back

  2. Adman101010 says:

    5:30 – THUD!

  3. MrJuddfuller says:

    “Get the paramedics in here”…..awesome. Great vid.

  4. nickthoj says:

    im guessin this was before he decided to simplify things up

  5. Allaroundstuff says:

    The line about the ball of dudu just kills me…gman is the best

  6. 987fisherman says:

    the key to winter fishin is slow slow slow slow retreaves

  7. only1clover says:

    With in 50 years from now, their will be 9 billion people on earth. That’s plus 50% of our population, that’s also 50% more fisher men. So in other words fish like tuna,bass and salmon will be all gone! Think about that next time you order a tuna sandwich!

  8. bic94 says:

    “Oh lord get the paramedics out here” xD hahahaha i die laughing everytime you say that and the ball of dudu hahaha

  9. dwinna3 says:

    This is hilarious! I’ve had that experience with my crankbaits too

  10. mrgungho says:

    what was the water temp? air temp? 

  11. GRILLBUOY101 says:

    the good old lure orgy gotta love it especially in winter timel lol

  12. bluesky8921 says:

    IT makes me feel a lot better that I’m not the only one that struggles and has to try a bunch of different thin gs when it’s cold.

  13. chuckman30 says:

    You are very entertaining!Looks like my tackle box!lol

  14. Dudgi66 says:

    this dude is pretty damn funny haha

  15. xfiles1952 says:

    thats a lot of crank baits

  16. skeeter1605 says:

    “i have found a ball of dudu, and its all tumbled up” lol

  17. ryanmrosa says:

    Please visit gonefishingboard . com for pics, vids, and help.

  18. maskful says:

    Swim bates work even better because you can fish them slower, that’s important in cold seasons

  19. vek123 says:

    the tackle box part 5 mins in was the favorite thing about this video and the fish after that was hilarious hahhahaha

  20. iTzMeThoDz says:

    Yeah like he said … If you know where ohatchee is there are 3 small islands and right behind them there is an underground spring .. thats where the striper run .. HUGE ass stripe i usuallly fish Bandit crawfish color and chartruese and blue color crankbaits … also chrome lipless cranks work awesome

  21. iTzMeThoDz says:

    Lol i live on the coosa Southside Alabama … Best fishing in the state for spring bass .. late winter is also wonderful for crappie

  22. Aphablueforce says:

    I wish I could carry 10 rod but then up here in Mich they only allow 2 rod.

  23. stephen1goin says:

    i live on logan martin and hes right logan is wonderful in fall and winter because all the ski boats have been put up and you can concentrate on the fish and not killing a 17yr. old kid on a jet ski trying to catch ur wake.I hate freaking jet skis and ski boats.GO SWINDLE

  24. saggyballsinyourface says:

    hes a bad ass

  25. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

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