Bass Fishing Tips For Spring and Fall

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Filed under Bass Fishing Video Trophy Largemouth bass fishing in Delaware at Red Mill Pond with some footage of Trap pond and the bald cypress Swamp as well. These are tips, tactics, and baits that were used to catch GIANT trophy class largemouth bass. Lucky Craft, Terminator and Yamamoto baits were used as primary baits. There are tips in these videos that are in three parts, that catch giant bass in excess of 8 pounds in Delaware! There are more tips, tactics, articles, and podcasts at the main site and in our forums. Trophy Bass Fishing Videos and Tips by THE BASS COLLEGE at http
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bass fishing tip for spring bass fishing
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses to “Bass Fishing Tips For Spring and Fall”
  1. exbassguide says:

    @theboss1399 I fish alot of internal weighted tube jigs (slow fall!!!!). I cast let is fall to the bottom, shake it about 5 to ten times keeping it near the bottom. Then let if fall back to the bottom. Reel in any slack and shake again. I also skip them under lotos of docks! and shake there too!

  2. exbassguide says:

    @16bassmaster16asx Dark jig and craw worm or a senko. You can also slow roll a spinnerbait.

  3. 16bassmaster16asx says:

    i live in ohio and am looking for what to use in the spring for some bass in ponds

  4. exbassguide says:

    @theboss1399 I fish the tubes IN cover and under docks very near the bottom. Bass are near the bottom 90% of the time.

  5. theboss1399 says:

    How do you fish a tube correctly bounce it of the bottom or fish it at mid depth.

  6. exbassguide says:

    yes the lures I show and the lures I talked about will work great in your ponds!

  7. theriles1 says:

    Are the baits you showed good for small GA bass ponds

  8. exbassguide says:

    @BowandBass97 Sound like a good spawning area. bays are one of my best spring spots.

  9. BowandBass97 says:

    Hey my grandpa has a house on a lake he had a 3 1/2 lb bass bed in his cove last year is that a good sign that the bass like that area

  10. BowandBass97 says:

    Hey my grandpa has a house on a lake he had a 3 1/2 lb bass bed in his cove last year is that a good sign that the bass like that area

  11. 83501 says:

    @exbassguide Thanks! I am finding them to be rather fussy this spring.

  12. exbassguide says:

    @83501 Soft plastic colors that work for smallmouth bass: purple, red, brown or pumpkin with green flakes, smoke.
    Crank bait colors that work chartruce! Silver works but chartruce works better.

  13. 83501 says:

    Great videos, I appreciate you taking the time to post them. I am wondering if you have fished Lower Granite Lake in Eastern WA in the spring? If so, what colors of soft plastics and crankbaits have you found effective for smallmouth bass in this region? Thanks!

  14. Maddawgbaits says:

    Good vids I subscribed. Check out my vid, more vids to come

  15. exbassguide says:

    @kissmybass1989 it all looks very good.

  16. kissmybass1989 says:

    i also matched that reel with a shimano cumara reaction! i love it! and sometime when u got a chance check out that guy got some neat stuff i just want your opinion on it b4 i purchase any of his stuff

  17. exbassguide says:

    NO. It can be good. in cold water months people tend to move the bait a little to fast. The only time you may want to use other reels is in the summer and durring the times bass want a fast moving baits. It is more about your fishing style! do you normaly fish fast moving baits like cranks or slower baits like worms. Your reel will work fine 90% of the time.

  18. kissmybass1989 says:

    is a slow gear ratio bad

  19. exbassguide says:

    @kissmybass1989 It’s a good
    Rogerbait caster reel it should work best for worms and jigs and crank baits in cool water.
    I normaly use a 5.6: 1 reel, it reels in line a little faster.

  20. kissmybass1989 says:

    yes that is what i needed! here the other day i bought a team daiwa zillion 100 pa the gear ratio is 4.9:1 could you tell me what this reel would be good for, worms spinnerbaits jigs or what! im kinda confused

  21. exbassguide says:

    @kissmybass1989 is that what you need?

  22. exbassguide says:

    I would fish jigs and senkos late winter and early spring.
    Mid spring I would use spinner baits more.
    Senko colors pumpkin greens and june bug.
    Spinner if water is clear pumpkin color if the water is murky I would use chartruce.

  23. kissmybass1989 says:

    would you fish with senkos or spinnerbaits in spring! what is your favorite! and what wld be agood color! thanks alot sorry for so many questions

  24. exbassguide says:

    I do not know the creek but you should check it out from time to time. In off colored water the bass hold tighter to cover. I would not spend to much time in one spot unless you start catching bass there.

  25. kissmybass1989 says:

    hey roger this watershed in ok i fish has a creek running into it! the watersheds hold huge bass will the creek be as good as the watershed i usually drive right thru the creek and not fish it due tue the dirty water! have i been making a mistake should i fish the creek! note the creek is shallow in spots and very deep in spots

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