Bass Fishing Tips – Fishing Slow In Winter

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Fishing slow in winter. 12/17/08
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Winter Bass Fishing with Kevin Short (pt. 1)

Bass pro Kevin Short reveals the four best bass baits for fishing Ozarks impoundments in the late fall and winter. In Part 1, he displays techniques for fishing lipless crankbaits. North American Fishing Club Social Media Editor “Web Guy Greg” hosts. Filmed on Arkansas’ Lake Ouachita. In pt. 2 (posted as a separate video), he displays tips and tactics for fishing channel bends with football head jigs.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


10 Responses to “Bass Fishing Tips – Fishing Slow In Winter”
  1. aholekhb says:

    lucky craft is way to over priced. other than that you have great vids.

  2. cott10r says:

    shit we cant fish in the winter cuz the damn lakes are froze over in our area

  3. 10072018 says:

    Yeah, slow jerking a stick bait has gotten me the only action I’ve seen this March.

  4. smileyj206 says:

    Go with with you’re confident in bud. See you around.

  5. simplyputable says:

    hey dude look in the winter i find that 200 series banits do great on umps atleast in alabama and alot of chartuese but what other colors would you throw in winter say on a spinner bait they like those in winter here ALOT!!!! but a far as shad raps go they dont do anygood here really but yeah anyways hope to see ya on the circuit one year peace

  6. smileyj206 says:

    Hey man. Topwaters are usually good in water temps 55 and up but I’ve seen bass hit them in 48-49 degree water too but for me, its very rare. Worms and slower presentations can be good too…usually a slow rate of fall is best. Good luck and thanks for commenting. James

  7. bigcharlie25 says:

    Nice video, I normal do alot of FLIPPIN’ n THICK cover during winter..I’ll try this out, here in GOOD ol Florida!

  8. a12gage2 says:

    what do you think about top waters and worms in winter

  9. tonygsbar says:

    cool video guys, thanks for the info, very helpful 

  10. madmatt32192 says:


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