Bass Fishing Swim Jig for Summertime Largemouth

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Swim jig carbonate daiwa Tierra
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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing Swim Jig for Summertime Largemouth”
  1. JCiurej34 says:

    Why dont u use braid with swim jigs? i like it because you can rip it through vegetation a little bit better and get a better hook set on a long cast

  2. bassallyear says:

    @fishinallyear1 quiet alot just not at ponds alot…mostly spinnerbaits in darker water and swimjigs like evrywherre

  3. fishinallyear1 says:

    how often do you fish non-plastics baits (spinners, cranks, etc.)?

  4. 98BassMaster98 says:

    is vb still on that tour?

  5. headhunter7041 says:


  6. headhunter7041 says:

    what size rod would you use for weightless of weighted soft plastics 

  7. maplestar67 says:

    Can you make a video on some night fishing tips?

  8. GARTV101 says:

    @kroganeye appreciate it

  9. BassMaster3350 says:

    @bassallyear When you through a swim jig do you like a small or big trailer?

  10. TheXtremeAnglers says:

    hey im subscribed to u…. plz sub me thanks! can u do a vid on how to work a senko?

  11. kroganeye says:

    @GARTV101 it wont matter as much i usually feel the taps then set the hook.. but if you are missing alot of fish that way i would wait a few seconds to set the hook.

  12. bassallyear says:

    @BassMaster3350 working on cars filter oignited….dont ask me how

  13. BassMaster3350 says:

    How did you burn your leg?

  14. zammystavez says:

    @TheJimmy929 I’m pretty sure a gas can exploded while they were cleaning an air filter from a car.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  15. GARTV101 says:

    @kroganeye thanks ,i appreciate the help,should you wait a few seconds to set the hook on a texas rigged soft plastic also?

  16. TheJimmy929 says:

    Everyone wants to know, how did u burn ur legs???

  17. kroganeye says:

    how did you burn your legs man?

  18. kroganeye says:

    @GARTV101  give the fish 1 or 2 seconds to take the frog.. a bass will hit the frog to kill it then take it in to eat it..

  19. GARTV101 says:

    ive got a question ,im kind of new to bass fishing.when ever i use a topwater frog i cant seem to set the hook in time to get the bass.or mayby im setting it to fast. i set it as soon as i see him hit. any tips?

  20. MCthebassman says:

    What jigs do you prefer I mean like wat brand jigs do you like

  21. SuttonOutdoors says:

    How did you burn your legs?

  22. SuperBananaFart says:

    I just caught a 8 pounder the other day on a sexy shad kvd crank. man it was awesome

  23. bassallyear says:

    @GARTV101 11.7 video of it coming soon

  24. GARTV101 says:

    whats the biggest largemouth that you have caught


  25. Maddawgbaits says:

    nice video

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