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Kurt vonBrandt of THE BASS COLLEGE shows you how to catch not only numbers of bass, but GIANT bass from small waters and farm ponds from your local areas, on this video Kurt catches a 7 lb bass on a chatterbait, and over 40 other bass!Just another service we at The Bass College provide to our shore bound anglers and kids. For more tips, tactics, videos, and discount tackle with free shipping, register today at the site at
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The Bass College Tackle Storage Systems

Tackle Storage Systems from Falcon and Plano, and these are available from Tackle Warehouse through the Bass College with free shipping on most orders, and free baits with all orders from us. Register to day for full details and benefits.


7 Responses to “Bass Fishing Small Water and Ponds Shore Fishing Tactics.avi”
  1. delawarebass says:

    @theDelawaredude1 I am too busy to answer questions on youtube. Respond at my real site at THE BASS COLLEGE. Thanks

  2. theDelawaredude1 says:

    @delawarebass whats your favorite lake/pond to fish at in DE.

  3. delawarebass says:

    @theDelawaredude1 Yes for 45 years Just go to our real site thats where it all is the bass college

  4. theDelawaredude1 says:

    you ever fish at lums pond

  5. bloodknot101 says:

    good vid steve – i got this box for spinnerbaits and one side looks like it is for buzzbaits.

  6. delawarebass says:

    @PatrickZajdel Yes Tackle Warehouse should have them and if they dont they are on their way in. Click on TW through the site at the bass college and take a look.

  7. PatrickZajdel says:

    Hi Steve, does plano or FTO carry a spinnerbait box and a buzzbait box in the 360 series? I could not find them at bass pro shops when I went yesterday.

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