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Filed under Bass Fishing Video Rods Shimano Compre – 6’6″ Medium Power, Fast Action Shimano Crucial – 7′ Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action St. Croix Swimbait – Mojo Bass 7’9″ Heavy, Fast Action Reels Shimano Citica 201E – 6.3 gear ratio Shimano Curado 201E7 – 7.0:1 gear ratio Shimano Cardiff 301A – 5.8:1 gear ratio
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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing Rods & Reels”
  1. BassinNW says:

    @mtinch7 I’m actually getting ready to order (2) Tournament Pros! Glad to hear you love the reel so much…I haven’t met one person who doesn’t prefer them after casting one!

  2. mtinch7 says:

    @BassinNW Have you tried the Lew’s speedspool? Just received mine this morning and it feels great. I tried out my friend’s and loved it. For an 90 dollar reel it outperforms most 150 dollar reels. You should consider getting one when you’re looking for a new reel.

  3. kbullington24 says:

    Great video! Good info and explanation.

  4. ShimanoReels says:

    No doubt that either of those reel choices from Shimano will fit the bill nicely on that rod. My personal favorite is the Curado, but it does come with a little bit higher price. You won’t go wrong with the Citica either. As darkness said, it is mostly a matter of personal preference.

  5. BassinNW says:

    @darknessfalls714 Well, it’s a lot about personal preference. I completely recommend the Shimano Citica and Curado.

    With Shimano releases their new 2012 lineup, you can find the Citica and Curado for around $100-$125. For the price, you can’t beat this performance!

  6. darknessfalls714 says:

    hey can you help me find a reel im buying a 7′ mh carrot stick with micro guides but i need a reel to cast like zoom trick worms weightless and stick baits far any help?im talking bout like a good 20-120 ft

  7. BassinNW says:

    @BassFishinTexas Oh, you bet. I use ROF 12.

  8. BassFishinTexas says:

    @BassinNW I actually meant the ROF (rate of fall), because each 6″ & 8″ has a different weight

  9. BassinNW says:

    @BassFishinTexas I have the 8″ version, but will also be picking up the 6″ as well.

  10. BassFishinTexas says:

    @BassinNW What size huddlestons do you use?

  11. BassinNW says:

    @BassFishinTexas Fairly well. It’s all about the retrieve! The slower I roll with these big baits, the more successful I become. Little twitches and slow rolling them KILLS.

  12. BassFishinTexas says:

    Dan how have you been doing with those big swimbaits? I was looking into using big swimbaits for the clear water resoviors we have in central texas

  13. BassinNW says:

    @VideoCodMaster Ok, I would recommend a 7’ Medium Heavy, instead of a heavy. It will be a great all aroun
    d rod for most techniques. Jigs, plastics and even crankbaits if needed.

  14. VideoCodMaster says:

    @BassinNW I am just a beginner but I think I will use jigs more often than crankbaits . I really don’t know what size or weight my lures are gonna be. I am lookin to buy the shimano compre (heavy) as the rod and the abu garcia ambassador C4 as the reel.

  15. BassinNW says:

    @VideoCodMaster I could help you better if I know details. What sized lures are you wanting to throw? Also, is this rod going to be used for multiple techniques or just one in particular…like jigs, crankbaits, etc?

  16. VideoCodMaster says:

    @BassinNW I have another question: can you use a 1/2 oz lure for a heavy rod like the compre knowing that the minimal lure weight for this rod is 1oz?

  17. VideoCodMaster says:

    @BassinNW thanks :)

  18. BassinNW says:

    @VideoCodMaster You can catch all sorts of fish, but the “power” relates to the stiffness of the blank and the weight of lures recommended for that rod. You wouldn’t want to throw a 1-ounce lure on a “medium” powered rod….for that, you would rather go with a “heavy” rod due to a stiffer blank.

    You can catch small fish on anything.

  19. VideoCodMaster says:

    Can you use the compre (heavy) to fish small fish ?

  20. BassinNW says:

    @blazerkid1996 I do, I own a Abu Garcia Veritas and a St. Croix. This video is from 5 months ago. Thanks though!

  21. BassinNW says:

    @smoovefishing I don’t think the Mojo is a waste of money…but Carrot and Abu have a larger following.

  22. smoovefishing says:

    @fishingdaybyday  the mojo is a waste of money but the veritas and the carrot stik r nice, i have had all of the 3 but sold mojo way over priced and the veritas is super great just wish it had the semi micro eyes hope that helped u

  23. PatrickZajdel says:

    Nice video Dan, what do you think about the 6’10 MH Compre with the Curado 200e7 for jigs, plastics, and carolina rigs?

  24. BassinNW says:

    @gerkhang The Curado/Crucial combo because I really enjoy using jigs…but the Compre/Citica is really lightweight.

  25. gerkhang says:

    Whats your favorite out of all the three?

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