Bass fishing rods and reels

January 18, 2012 by  
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these are my main bass fishing rods and reels
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just a quick video of my rods and reels got bored on a cold winter snow day
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17 Responses to “Bass fishing rods and reels”
  1. bassfighter100 says:

    those are nice reels man

  2. MrNetbait123 says:

    Lightning rods and vendettas ftw!

  3. kroganeye says:

    ps i wudnt use the amp for stuff like jigs.. use it for something like crank baits…

  4. kroganeye says:

    go quantum!! i love the energys too!

  5. ontariooutdoorsman says:

    i have the same tourney spescial rod my reel seat became loose so i retureded and got a new one same thing hapend so i upgraded to the new diawa pro-z rod for 80

  6. GAROmx says:

    WOW that is a lot of rods and reels

  7. 7bassing says:

    do a brand
    new video

  8. 7bassing says:

    do a brang new video

  9. HATINTHEKAT says:

    man, you need some more line haha, that revo s looked starving lol,

  10. BassMastersToBe says:

    nedd to add a 7’6 heavy action with 65 # braid for flipping

  11. frogbassin247 says:

    @6zag yeah u should do that

  12. 6zag says:

    @frogbassin247 ill try lol ive been trying to wait until i get all of them cause i still have 3 more to order but i need a little more money first…………..but maybe ill just do 2 videos 1 now and another when i get the other 3

  13. frogbassin247 says:

    @6zag can u make a new rod and reel vid then?

  14. 6zag says:

    @frogbassin247 oh u should see them now man completely redesigned…….8 new rods and i switched the reels up on a bunch

  15. 6zag says:

    @bassinoregon in alaska??

  16. bassinoregon says:

    haaaa snow down in alskia ther is no snow

  17. frogbassin247 says:

    U should switch the johnny Morris and revo s……. Those combos would look cooler

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