Bass Fishing : How to Fish With a Jig Head

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The standard jig used for fishing is the skirted jig, which is often used when fishing on open water that has sandy bottoms. Discover how jigs with football heads won’t lie down and roll on their sides with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on fishing with a jig head. Expert: Ron Colby Contact: Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two BASS Western Divisionals. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

Tips for catching largemouth bass on a jig – Check out more bass fishing videos at
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33 Responses to “Bass Fishing : How to Fish With a Jig Head”
  1. ButterKnifeKills says:

    Does anyone else notice he shaves his thighs..

  2. fishnvegas says:

    I agree, very misleading. I thought i would be shown how to fish a jig not what they are. I know you can do better, your other videos are very good.

  3. TRUER3DEMPTION says:……….lol

  4. lara24157 says:


  5. techn9ne82 says:

    okay you say it in your video why do you do the opposite of what your titled saids? 

  6. techn9ne82 says:

    okay how do you jig fish? I been using a jig all summer and no bites what so ever yes I am new to the jig and I do not know how to work it. the way I am using it is like I use my worm ( no not the one in my pants) if you could can you talk about how to pick the right color, what trailer should I be using, where and when should i use it, and how to use it and the different ways of using it thanks

    and I been all over u tube trying to find how and there no video on this

  7. CBbassin says:

    thanks alot….Now i really know how to FISH a jig….idiots

  8. SouLShakeRProdX says:

    @iTzMeThoDz don’t let it ruin your day

  9. journyman2010 says:

    @GhostTheSilent you might also want to research they type of jig head for areas youll be fishing, there are three specific types and this may help cut down on some frustrations on getting snagged.

  10. N47Z86 says:

    @ ghost: the size of the jig is based on the size of the fish. Small jig, smaller fish.

    Another thing to keep in mind, the heavier the jig, the faster the fall.

  11. jr5455 says:

    I don’t have a skirt or any thing on it I have a fake grub for Ohio walleye is that okay Im just starting

  12. GhostTheSilent says:

    when do you use certain sizes for jigs like during the seasons

  13. EasyRecipesHQ says:

    good up

  14. DrSurvival says:

    Great video thanks

  15. kroganeye says:

    @paimei0708 get a heavy action rod 7 to 8 feet in length and i like to use braided line when jig fishing usualy nuthing much less than 30lb line.

  16. RoosterG33rs says:

    never trust a guy with more than one brand name on his shirt

  17. paimei0708 says:

    I’m pretty new at all of this. Can any one give me some tips as far as what king of rod to buy and such. I live in California in the san juaquin valley to give you an idea of what areas are available to me. Any help is much appretiated.

  18. RonyMexico says:

    @tictac1093 wasn’t he tying a palomar knot? the line tends to foul when applying it to large lures, just saying

  19. tictac1093 says:

    @RonyMexico haha why? that wouldn’t make much of any difference

  20. RonyMexico says:

    might wanna tie the jig online before adding your trailer, just saying

  21. stevenslat says:


  22. msproperly says:

    cool video!!!!! can you use a worm on the hook of a jig

  23. msproperly says:

    cool video!!!!! can you use a worm on the hook of a jig

  24. viperdude400ltd says:

    i had a massive bass eat a perch that i cought one day like i didnt even have the perch in yet and and just gulped it.

  25. hornet579 says:

    @ChivasUsaFan16 Yeah, you do.

  26. dewz4949 says:

    Try a Zoom 6″ scuppernong (color) lizard on a BPS enticer 3/8 oz. black neon weedless football head jig. Never fails for me.

  27. TheRubberDuck139 says:

    A bass hits a jig&pig they usually head down with it. In heavy cover you need something to get them turned and coming up quickly. I prefer Heavy action, I want that fish turned as quick as possible. The reel speed, high speed is fine. The high speed is basically to get the bait back in quickly so you can move to the next target quicker, at least in the case of a Jig & Pig.

  28. netefrog says:

    7 1/2ft med heavy rod, 20lb mono, high speed baitcasting reel..

  29. CrazyClownMilitia says:

    @flipsk828 drop shot

  30. nickorama144 says:

    brown jig + blue cray = big bass

  31. reptifreak99 says:

    @mcnacho23 lol my fav blue and black bluegill imatater

  32. mcnacho23 says:

    3:45 is my faviorit jig( the orange and brown)

  33. flipsk828 says:

    What rod setup do you use when you flip and pitch jigs?

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