Bass Fishing : How to Choose the Right Bait When Bass Fishing

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When bass fishing, remember that crank baits can be used year-round, hard baits are best in the spring, summer and fall, and soft plastic baits can be used in a variety of ways. Learn about using top water baits to fish for bass with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on the right bait for bass fishing. Expert: Ron Colby Contact: Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two BASS Western Divisionals. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing : How to Choose the Right Bait When Bass Fishing”
  1. Kangkong1996 says:

    do bass like nightcrawlers?

  2. bostonsfinest24 says:

    if i only had that many rods lmao

  3. sanyo4575 says:

    @randomvidsbykevin than you

  4. brandyglasshalffull says:

    and and it…..FLOATS

  5. bleedingxhearts2 says:

    @randomvidsbykevin ya that doesnt work

  6. MrHatefullness says:

    @reptifreak99 because you have minnows, the bass may thrive on those so think of some soft plastic flukes, with murkier water, try more natural colours, like browns and greens, when and if the water becomes more translucent try more attractive brights colours and patterns. You can swim, jerk, and jig these flukes to see what works the best, when your jigging them, use a split shot or bullet weight. Make sure to buy tungsten bullet weights and tin split shots, lead is very harmful.

  7. TheNcoutdoors says:

    @777— you can’t texas rig a plastic frog and then fish it topwater…

  8. reptifreak99 says:

    i need to get an idea on a lure i have a semi murky water pond medium sized lots of vegitation 4-5 feet deep sand bottom with large rocks with bass bluegill perch smallmouth and largemouth and minnows what lure would you reccomend

  9. 777Revolutionary says:

    @nerfgun550 “live cut up frogs”. Wouldnt they be dead then? haha try texas riggin a plastic frog and fishin it topwater. White ones work good for me.

  10. MrFishindude says:

    press 9 for a good laugh.

  11. Highwithguns says:

    u dont fish for bass with liver or frogs dude, ur thinkin of catfish

  12. Highwithguns says:


  13. nerfgun550 says:

    use live cut up frogs

  14. footballbeast0023 says:

    @TheMokedoke they do i live in south fl they also love frogs (topwater).

  15. YoungRockStarX says:

    someone help me just the other day i say about a 6 pound bass about the size of 2 1/2 rulers and i kept throwing m rapala out there and i saw it chase it but didnt bite just turnd around and swam away….so i thought id switch to a jerk bait but that didnt work…so i finally tryd a rattle trap that didnt even work PLEASE HELP

  16. TheMokedoke says:

    I live in South Florida, and I wacky rig my Zoom Trick Worms. The bass love them!!!

  17. ooTheWhooo says:

    I tend to use a spinner bait or a gary yamamato worm with and o ring on it
    i catch a lot of fish with that but do think a popper is a good lure?

  18. AGAonLIVE says:

    @TheSoccerguy58 it depends where your fishing, if your in a pocket using plastic use a medium weight so it has a slowfall they will go for that but if you are in shallow throw up a really light one if none o it will just sit below the water

  19. FishingWestVirginia says:

    Like this if he deserves a partnership

  20. n4sir804 says:

    @TheSoccerguy58 no you dont…you can use a senko and fish it “dead stick” or brush hog….but having the weight helps alot..specially in river water…you dont need a huge weight except in certain situations…keep it simple…good luck

  21. mrfizch says:

    @randomvidsbykevin doesnt work

  22. 4444444444444ize says:

    awesome video found very helpful

  23. TheSoccerguy58 says:

    im new to fishing and my question is do you have to use weigths when using plastic baits ?

  24. GohanXiong2005 says:

    @randomvidsbykevin i already know

  25. mstoogood4yall says:

    can i use plastic worm in spring or lizard or spinnerbait or crankbait

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