Bass Fishing : How to Bass Fish With Plastic Worms

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Plastic worms should be rigged so that they don’t slide up and down, because this can lead to false bites. Learn about using bobber stoppers when rigging plastic worms with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on bass fishing with plastic worms. Expert: Ron Colby Contact: Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two BASS Western Divisionals. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
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22 Responses to “Bass Fishing : How to Bass Fish With Plastic Worms”
  1. Relaxantify says:

    Needs more bass!!

  2. Mikuruification says:


  3. SellMyPee says:

    God damnit! I don’t care if your a mormon!

  4. ninjijoker says:

    yeah you could do all that or…. you could be a man and jump in to fuxin spear those bitches


    Thank you for your reply. I have started using 2/0 Trokar hooks when fishing with rubber worms and my hook sets have increased. Thanks again for getting back to me. Your information is greatly appreciated.

  6. devildog99992007 says:

    I usually go weightless, worm sinks slower

  7. devildog99992007 says:

    @ihatebobsaget1989 better to do a very slight twotching motion or pull slowly with your rod

  8. devildog99992007 says:

    @HIGHSCHOOLHOP Bass typically will not lightly peck at your bait. You may be feeling bluegills or crappie. Most of the time when a bass bites a worm it is a much more violent jerk, because they will take your whole worm in their mouth and run with it. Keep only a little slack in your line and dont try to set your hook on those little pecks, wait until you feel the fish give a solid pull then set your hook. Good Luck!

  9. ThePokemonmaster159 says:

    i found a bass when i was playing with a worm near the dock

  10. austo52000 says:

    why do we never get to see the catch????????

  11. jackson0knollwood says:

    @TheCheaterFilms sometimes the bass inhale the worm with a fury and you know you have a fish….but most of the time (drop shotting) its a very lite tug almost feels like something barely bumped your worm or like a fish accidentally swam into the line…thats when i sweep to set the hook and you dont have to do it hard either… make sure you use sharp hooks too i use the Gamakatsu dropshot/ hooks or the Gamakatsu octopus size 2s. remember it feels like a lite bump on your rod tip. GOOD LUCK!

  12. TheCheaterFilms says:

    @jackson0knollwood i mean how do i know when the fish has the bait in its mouth. The only way i can usually tell is when i can see it. But my lake isnt very clearwater and i dont own a pair of polarized sunglasses.

  13. jackson0knollwood says:

    @ihatebobsaget1989 rarely do i texas rig but i do what some call flipping. its basically lifting your rod so the worm travels up and falls back down ..reel in the slack and repeat ocasionally jigging a few inches between “flips”

  14. jackson0knollwood says:

    @TheCheaterFilms if they arent taking the worm long enough try getting some pro guide formula smelly jelly (or any smelly jelly i just prefer the pro guide because it comes in a larger container) they tend to hold the worm an extra second or so longer. i dont like to texas rig for that reason….try drop shot method you dont have to be so vigilant setting the hook you just “sweep” your pole to the side and its set. best results for drop shot i have found is using the roboworms.

  15. TheCheaterFilms says:

    Hey. I was just wondering… I use this and i get ALOT of fish biting this rig. But i always seem to set the hook at the wrong time so can you post a video on how to know when the lure is in the fishs mouth? Thanks!

  16. footballboyty says:

    i just caught a 21 inch bass today like an hour ago! 10 lbs

  17. fishin4lif says:

    @HIGHSCHOOLHOP use a smaller worm thats a good indication that the fish that might be “nibbling” on your bait are really just too small to get the full bait in its mouth all fish of size will destroy the bait they dont like to waste any time


    Now, when I throw out the worm and it begins to sink, I will feel the bass just lightly pecking my bait. What should I do? Most of the time if I pull it the fish will let go of the worm. I believe its biting the part where there is no hook. Should I just wait for it to start swimming with the bait or what? I seem to get allot of nibbles but no catches. What do you suggest?

  19. samljer says:

    Would be nice to actually see a catch in one of these videos 😉

  20. krazykidxd1 says:

    @ihatebobsaget1989 reel slowly

  21. ihatebobsaget1989 says:

    are you supposed to slowly reel these in or let them sit still?

  22. ihatebobsaget1989 says:

    i just used these for the first time yesterday, caught a huge bass.

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